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Teachers have stepped forward to talk about incidents of violence and abuse. How big a problem is this in the Philadelphia School District? Here is The Inquirer's continuing coverage of the issue.

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Report: Philly schools fall short on crime

By Kristen A. Graham, Inquirer Staff Writer

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Frank Burd speaks out

High school teacher Frank Burd
Germantown High School math teacher Frank Burd talks about the broken neck on Feb. 23 when a senior pushed him and he fell against James Footman, a ninth grader who punched him in the face.
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Roberta Bellamy talks about son

Roberta Bellamy talks about her son, Kareem, and other children in his autistic support class at Penn Alexander School in West Philadelphia.
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System Discipline Report

In a report released by the district on March 1, 2007, Ellen-Green Ceisler, a consultant hired by the district, was highly critical of the district’s disciplinary system describing it as plagued by inconsistencies, high turnover in personnel, and a lack of training, staff and resources - all leading to a breakdown in procedure and an insufficient transfer of problem pupils out of the schools. Ceisler who previously monitored the Police Department as head of the city's Integrity and Accountability Office. The district sharply disagreed and issued its own response. Here are both reports:
.pdf: Report on Philadelphia School District’s student disciplinary system
.pdf: School District’s response to the report

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