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Move the arrows to see the transformation of four well-known places on the Penn Campus

Walnut Street between 36th and 37th. In 1964, you can see the popular House of Pagano pizzeria and Grand Café, with a coffee cup sign designed by Robert Venturi. It was replaced by University Square, which includes the Inn at Penn, a Barnes and Noble, Urban Outfitters and other retail.

Intersection of 34th and Walnut, showing Cy’s Penn Luncheonette in 1971, and current view

Locust Street looking south to the quad towers, circa 1967. In modern version, you can see the completed, pedestrianized Locust Walk.

Walnut Street just west of 34th, south side. Taken in 1961-62. In new version, you can see the completed Van Pelt Library and Dietrich Graduate Library

All photos come from Becoming Penn: The Pragmatic American University, 1950-2000, by John L. Puckett and Mark Frazier Lloyd