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The average daily temperature this month has been nearly 60. In November, it will dip to about 45 degrees, if historical averages hold.

So while it's easy to understand why your caulk gun has lain idle all month, it's time to get busy with it if you want to keep the house warm this winter without paying through the cold, numb nose.

Our House Warmers' house, at right, shows 10 quick ways to weatherize that can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs. (For more ideas, visit for suggestions from our "Beat Winter ...Start Now" installment. There's still time to accomplish some of those more extensive energy-pinching projects.)

And while you're battening down the house, don't forget to snug-up your family. As World Series merchandise moves to the clearance racks, retailers will be stocking their shelves with blankets, winter sheets and warm PJs.

Below, one of Philly's finest textile engineers offers shopping tips, and a frugal old coot with a quirky new Web site makes the case for flannel nightcaps. *

Four websites to warm you
The federal government's most comprehensive guide to energy efficiency. 
This state site includes weatherization tips, fire-safety and carbon-monoxide precautions, and links to home-heating assistance programs. 
A 40-page weatherization manual written from the Philadelphia Housing Development Corp.'s Weatherization Assistance Program. 
Click on "Energy Education" for nuts-and-bolts info on weatherizing from the Energy Coordinating Agency. *