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The war on cancer is fought on three fronts.

There's treatment: the cancer-fighting surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and medicines that doctors and hospitals provide. That's one front.

The other two — prevention and early detection — depend largely on you.

Americans are getting better at early detection, and that's a good thing, says Dr. Richard Wender, chairman of family and community medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and immediate past president of the American Cancer Society. "Isn't it wonderful to be a polyp survivor instead of a cancer survivor?"

But we still have a long way to go. Especially among blacks, some deadly cancers aren't being caught early enough, and higher death rates persist.

With cancer prevention, many of us are obsessing too much over antioxidants and missing the big picture, Wender says. By far, the two most important things you can do to give yourself an edge over cancer are to quit smoking and lose weight.

"People keep asking us, 'What can I eat to avoid cancer?' " Wender says. "It's not what you eat, it's what you don't eat that helps you avoid cancer."

More to the point, it's how much you eat. Wender says 30 different cancers have been linked to being overweight.

The His and Her "early detection" coupons on this page streamline the American Cancer Society's latest screening recommendations, including new and important advice on colorectal cancer.

The other coupons are a grab-and-go assortment of steps you can take to lower your cancer risks. Clip them, save them, share them. In this case, the Daily News is delighted to have you tear our coverage apart.

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