Friday, February 27, 2015

Home & Design

Kristin Recchiuti was on maternity leave about five years ago when it occurred to her that the 3,000-square-foot house she and husband Ed purchased in North Wales in 1998 was no longer working out for them.
After seven years volunteering with impoverished Tibetan nomads, Margaret Ferrigno was kicked out of China in 2008, along with other foreigners, in an effort to quiet protests ahead of the Beijing Olympics. So, she moved to Philadelphia - and quickly realized that there was injustice to be fought here, as well.
In the lobby of the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, five tall-case clocks stand at attention. They're beautiful examples of craftsmanship, sure, but they represent something more: the notion that almost any object we bring into our homes can have rippling effects.
Q: Might you be able to help us locate replacement knobs for a Thermador 36-inch cooktop purchased in 2011? We have called Thermador, several appliance parts dealers, and even a couple of recycling businesses - without success. The recyclers do not know of a cooktop graveyard. I am hoping that you have additional ideas.
Philadelphia's powerful council president, Darrell L. Clarke, surprised no one last month when he announced he wasn't going to run for mayor. Why bother with the inconveniences of a campaign when you can simply introduce a bill telling the next mayor how to do the job?
Cory J Popp brings us another view of the city in the winter called “Frozen Philadelphia,” which finds the beauty in arctic temperatures during a time that Popp believes the city is “uniquely alive.”
Light up your landscape ... and your life. Add lighting to your outdoor space for all the very best reasons -- beauty, safety, and increased property value. Find out all about the "whys" and "whats" of lovely landscape lighting.
Perhaps it's the bitter memory of last winter's polar vortex, or maybe it's just the volatile price of fuel, but homeowners are warming to fireplaces.
Schuylkill Center's wild birds rehearse hot spring love songs in frigid winter woods.
Zoey Copsetta was just 3 or 4 when she had her first mani-pedi. It wasn't planned - she and her mother were walking by a spa and decided to splurge.
Anyone whose home has ever been hit by a ferocious rain shower, hail storm, or snow fall, or felt the impact of a hurricane, knows the havoc these forces of nature can wreak.
In North Wales: Renovating over upgrading