Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Home & Design

Graphic artist Iris Barbee Bonner wasn't sure celebrity models Amber Rose and Blac Chyna would actually wear to the MTV Video Music Awards the skintight ensembles on which she had painted the shame-inducing words slut, golddigger, whore.
At 15, Zy'mir is a passionate sportsman, not only a huge fan of the Eagles and Phillies but also an avid player of football, softball, basketball, and soccer.
Over the years, New Jersey officials have come up with one scheme after another to revive Camden, the state's poorest city.
In recent years, Philadelphia Flower Show themes have whisked visitors to far-flung destinations from Ireland to Hawaii and the fictional Arendelle (the kingdom in Frozen, as part of last year's blockbuster "Celebrate the Movies" show, featuring a Disney partnership). But the 2016 show, from March 5 to 13, will draw inspiration from closer to home.
If you ever wondered what Philadelphia’s Center City and Fairmount areas looked like as a video game, drone filmmaker Matt Satell and Philly by Air has gotten pretty close to showing you.
GUIDANCE FROM CHANTICLEER GARDENERS The Art of Gardening: Design, Inspiration and Planting Techniques from Chanticleer by executive director R. William Thomas, offers plenty of down-to-earth advice:
Local people have some ideas for what should be done with the 35-acre Logan Triangle, but the city has a plan of its own.
Evan Davis sanded the back of a large walnut throne, scrubbing in the direction of the grain, to smooth the seat Pope Francis will sit on when he visits next month.
As you rumble along the cobblestone avenue into the historic heart of Germantown, the street suddenly opens up to reveal a charming town common that looks more New England than Philadelphia.
Q: We are going to have our living room painted a creamy color - but I was wondering about the ceiling and the radiator covers. Should the ceiling always be a different color? Also, my husband wants to have the radiator covers painted a contrasting color from the walls/trim so they stand out. I lean more toward the radiator covers blending.
Revel in your roses. Or mourn their passing if they've already succumbed to black spot fungus, sawflies, or Japanese beetles. If you have Knock Out roses, keep deadheading, and they'll bloom right up to frost. If you have the ugly, half-dead-looking roses, vow to replace some of them eventually with resistant Knock Out varieties.
It's time to say no to mulch volcanoes