Sunday, July 5, 2015

Home & Design

You know that friend who’s contemplating moving out of Philadelphia to someplace supposedly more glamorous? Show him or her Cory Popp’s new video immediately.
So the hem on your jeans got in a tussle with a seam ripper and lost, you say? Perfect.
Wednesday, July 1 will mark the opening of a lushly landcaped seasonal beer garden, operated by Teddy Sourias and associates (of Bru and U-Bahn), outside the Mellon Bank Center at 1735 Market St.
Liberty Property Trust is set to break ground Tuesday on a 94,000-square-foot office building at the Navy Yard designed by the architect behind Two World Trade Center, a plan that is among the developer's boldest bets yet on the sprawling business center.
Consider it Philadelphia's very own Stonehenge, a towering structure of mysterious origin on the Delaware waterfront that faces the morning sun, and that every summer weekend receives hordes of pilgrims who gather around its base.
When Mike Protevi and Matt Schwiegeraht moved into their two-bedroom penthouse apartment in Midtown Village in 2011, they kept calling the landlord with questions.
Q: I need to sell my house soon, and I've read a lot about home staging.
As I write from a motel room, I am more than ready to take an overdue shower. No matter that my room shower has nary a shelf to hold my shampoo, cream rinse, back-scrubbing brush, shaving cream, razor, or other whatnots. I am (multi)armed with my Shower Squid.
GOBankingRates: From stacking coupons and watching for social media alerts to using discount gift cards and reading price codes, these 23 tips could take your Target savings game to the next level.
Dahlias are big - in size and in popularity.
Q: My partner and I are audiophiles and have been shopping forever for a media cabinet.
Can you stage your own house?