Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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One of the unexpected pleasures of the new Independence Beer Garden at Sixth and Market is that it creates the perfect vantage for admiring the sensuous geometry of its host, Pietro Belluschi's 1964 office building. Casual Adirondack chairs and picnic tables are arrayed around the building's base, providing up-close-and-personal views of his remarkable torquing concrete columns and the faceted ceiling in the open-air passageway.
The similarities between the massive, decaying Delaware Station next to Philadelphia's Penn Treaty Park and the Franklin Institute on Logan Square may not be immediately obvious, but they are really sister buildings. Both were designed by Philadelphia architect John T. Windrim in the early 20th century, and dressed in the classical drapery of the past. Yet both serve as temples to our modern faith in technology.
Q: My house has many open, built-in shelves, including around the fireplace, a whole wall in another room, in the kitchen, bathroom, and even around the top of each bedroom. There isn't a lot of storage otherwise in this house, so I need the storage space - but how do I make it all look nice?
Plant spring bulbs now. The earlier you plant bulbs, the longer they'll have time to grow roots before cold weather sets in. You can plant each bulb in a separate hole, but if you dig larger holes to fit a number of bulbs together, they'll come up in more
Has your place been looking a little . . . clogged up lately? Well, it may be time to do a little cleaning up! However, if you've been following these rules below, you wouldn't need a decluttering session as your home is guaranteed to be clutter-free.
1. Paint for results that will last for years. This has the green effect of reducing the amount of material you use over time. Buy quality paint and...
How can you prepare for a healthier, energy-efficient, and money-saving winter? Take care of your HVAC ductwork by cleaning, repairing, and insulating...
I love a plain pencil skirt as much as the next curvy chick. But such a basic bottom makes that fitted blazer, chunky sweater, or midriff top do all the glam work.
If you're feeling anxious about being cooped up this Fall and Winter, these simple decorating ideas will lift your spirits faster than a hot toddy!
Want a spectacular show of perennials in your garden early next spring? If so, now’s the time to plant flowering favorites like hellebore, phlox...
Would you like just a bit more privacy in your urban front yard? We're talking about a friendly distance from your neighbors and casual passersby --...
It's time to plant spring bulbs now