Friday, April 24, 2015

Home & Design

Was it a birdhouse? A storage locker? A plant stand? The pretty red-and-turquoise box had suddenly appeared at the side of Penny's Flowers, the focal point of Glenside's Keswick Village shopping district.
On the pantheon of holidays, Arbor Day doesn't get the attention of, say, Thanksgiving or Fourth of July. But today, on the holiday, try to take a moment to think about and thank our forests.
A restaurant or store could play next inside the art deco shell of the historic Boyd Theatre. Above it, 238 apartments in a 27-story tower are to overlook a neglected block of Chestnut Street.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Environmentalists are contesting the federal government's decision to allow more widespread use of a new version of a popular weed killer.
Having lived through the rise of postmodernism and watched its ironic, pop-art treatment of classical forms filter through the culture - to the point where every strip mall was designed with a flattened pediment over the entrance - I never expected to feel any sympathy for that unfortunate architectural style. But after its champion Michael Graves died last month, I realized I finally have enough distance to look at the period's buildings as historical objects.
Seven years ago, Christopher Bowen cleared the garden tools out of his shed - but not to make way for the lawn mower or better shelving.
Q: We purchased a fully furnished winter home. The living room has a three-piece olive green sofa set, with black-painted cocktail and end tables. Other items are in red and black. Could we replace tables with oak, or should we stay with dark pieces? We also looked at a rustic cocktail table made from an old wagon wheel. We are 80, these will probably be our last furniture purchases, and we want to get it right. We would really appreciate your opinion!
The return of the dinner jacket brings with it a new appreciation of one of menswear's swankiest accessories. The trendlet Lapel pins are undergoing a crafty revival as artisans fashion felt, ribbon, and organza into faux flowers perfect for pinning. This spring, look for the confident and well-coiffed dude to add a dose of petaled, pastel pizzazz to tuxedo jackets and linen blazers.
Make some lists. I know this sounds like a pretty passive thing to be doing when the garden beckons, but if you're as ADD as me, this is necessary. Walk around the garden and write down all that needs to be done, area by area. Prioritize, organize the too
Councilman Mark Squilla's political base lies deep in South Philadelphia and along the Delaware waterfront, in what are still called the "river wards." But that didn't stop him last month from driving through a major bill allowing two free-standing, high-definition digital billboards in the heart of Center City.
Do the butt test. Although the official last frost date is upon us and days are warmer, it's the night temperatures and soil warmth that really dictate when you can plant your tropicals, such as tomatoes, peppers, and squash. A time-honored way to measure