Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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The city’s formerly tallest skyscraper plans to debut its observation deck Nov. 28.
After a press conference that saw congressmen and senators, a mayor elect and a union leader, each talk about getting one step closer to a long-promised...
Q: My husband and I are traveling to my daughter's house this year for Thanksgiving, and she has invited us to stay with her and her family. We adore her two kids and are looking forward to meeting her new boyfriend for the first time, but they don't have
Chairs have histories. They tell stories. They dredge up memories. And David Rodan was feeling a little guilty about a certain wing chair that had belonged to his mother. He remembered it from his childhood, when it sat proudly in her Moorestown living room. But since she died, and because her cat had clawed away one side, it had been relegated to the basement of his own home.
A 10-year-old with sparkling eyes and a brilliant smile, Neilek has a great sense of humor and boundless energy, which he channels into sports. His favorites are football and soccer, followed by swimming. For a breather, he plays video games and watches cartoons on TV.
There's a new movement changing the landscape of our neighborhood dining scene. And it's flowing on draft at an independent brewpub near you.
Question: My wife, Nancy, and I recently were scheduled to fly on US Airways from Santa Barbara, Calif., to Hartford, Conn., with stops in Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C. When we checked in at the airport, a male gate attendant asked if we would consider moving to a different flight in exchange for $450 flight vouchers per person. We agreed, and were placed on a flight plan that sent us through Phoenix and Philadelphia, with a final destination in Hartford.
Make a joyful noise Maryland. As many as 80 tuba and euphonium players of all ages will gather to perform Christmas carols in this fun annual event. Canned food or cash donation benefits community group. Tuba Christmas, Frederick, Nov. 28. www.weinbergcenter.org/10805/tuba-christmas-201/
In a downpour, what are the chances your umbrella will keep you and your handbag dry? My default defense against drenching has been to stuff my handbag against my body inside my raincoat and hope for the best, which is rarely the result. But what if my bag had a raincoat of its own? That's the concept behind the Handbag Raincoat, a kind of poncho for your purse (or briefcase) that slips over the straps and bag, then seals around the straps via a Velcro tab.
Our flight to Málaga, Spain, arrived late at night. We were exhausted, so we picked up our rental car quickly and drove to the hotel. Little did we know what an expensive mistake that was. The next morning, we noticed a three-inch scratch on the front bumper of our car. We had parked head-in and away from other cars in the lot, so it must have been there when we picked up the rental. We didn't think of it again.
H. H. Richardson so dominated American architecture in the late 19th century that we often refer to Victorian buildings with layers of rough, chocolate-colored stone and thick, rounded arches as "Richardsonian," even when they were designed by imitators. Authentic Richardson buildings can be found in cities around the country, especially the Northeast. But not in Philadelphia.
Roman Building: A suite of classical details