Thursday, September 18, 2014
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On Wednesday, the Philadelphia Naval Yard will be hosting “Design Out Loud,” an event challenging 13 teams and showcasing their quartz sculptures.
Good news, tech-savvy decorators: revamping your home has never been easier. Whether you are looking to purchase furniture, paint your walls, or simply...
While it may sound off-putting or even a little scary, Brutalism is actually a distinctive type of architecture and a very interesting phenomenon. Brutalism...
With the change of season, you're probably looking for a few home decor touches that say "Autumn." You'd like them to be seasonal, eco-friendly, easy...
Q: I have wooden cabinets in the kitchen of an old house. I was told to keep them because "they don't make things as well today." My only problem is the drawers. When I pull them out, black peels off the bottom and drops down onto the pots and pans, forcing me to clean them before they can be used. Can I paint the bottom of the drawers? What would you suggest?
Leslie and Curtis Pontz's new house almost looks like a child's drawing: three gray boxes trimmed with a red door and window frames that contrast with the deep green trees and grass of the Wissahickon woods.
It starts as a distant speck against the sky. As it comes closer, it grows bigger. Soon, the watchers know, they just know, it's going to be something good. Maybe a kestrel. Maybe a bald eagle.
Start rooted cuttings of tender plants. You may already have discovered there's not enough room for everything you hoped to bring inside (by late September). So now is just the right time to start a new generation by rooting cuttings - allowing you to bri
Since she began teaching at Rutgers 13 years ago, botany professor Lena Struwe has seen growing student interest in learning about plants. But that desire often comes without the basic plant knowledge that previous generations of students arrived on campus with. They studied plants in high school biology class, spent their childhoods playing in the woods, and picked raspberries with their grandmothers.
Whether it's used for flooring, backsplashes, or countertops, tile is beautiful, durable, and fire resistant. Easy to maintain using biodegradable cleansers...
If you're feeling anxious about being cooped up this Fall and Winter, these simple decorating ideas will lift your spirits faster than a hot toddy!