Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Traditionally, it's the women who are fashion adventurers. They are the ones to experiment with pleats in places they've never been folded before. They wear pastels in the winter, and their skirt length varies from day to day.
Q: My husband and I are considering buying a house in a great location, but it seems very open to the street. The windows let in lots of light, except there is no privacy - anybody going by can see right in, especially the kitchen. And my husband and I love to cook together and sometimes we get "playful." I'd hate to live with all the curtains closed. We want this house, but I love our "moments" together, and I don't want to lose them.
When Philadelphia drummer and filmmaker George Manney died of pancreatic cancer at 64 in December, one thing heard repeatedly among his friends and admirers was how devoted he was to his trove of memorabilia.
Exactly one year ago, a piece of masonry began to peel away from the top of a six-story building at 16th and Walnut. Bricks rained down in a torrent, crashing through the ceiling of the adjacent Lululemon store and injuring three young women - one of them seriously - who had been shopping for workout clothes. Fortunately, everyone else managed to walk away, shaken but unscathed.
Across the region, growers are turning underused indoor spaces into year-round farms that can supply local groceries and restaurants.
In a conference room in Abington-Lansdale Hospital on Friday afternoon, there were all the trappings of a retirement party: helium balloons, a golf-theme sheet cake, stacks of gifts and cards that had been passed around the nursing units for signatures. Guests posed for one group photo after another.
LEXINGTON, Ky. - Given my surroundings - a jumble of old warehouses, graffiti murals, a craft beer pub manned by a bearded youth - I could be in one of New York's trendiest neighborhoods or London's uber-cool Shoreditch. But as I belly up to a cold steel bar, which crouches low and lean within the cavernous brick-and-concrete box that is Ethereal Brewing, the bartender's distinctive accent plants me firmly in Dixie.
Name: Suiteness.com. What it does: It's a website that opens the doors to online booking for 17,000 luxury suites you never knew existed in Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. Los Angeles is up next. More than 50 percent of the inventory is exclusive to Suiteness.
Going up Pennsylvania. In a cold-weather outdoors event like few others, climb a 1,100-foot vertical trail to a vista overlooking the state's own "Grand Canyon." Don't forget traction aids for conquering snow and ice. Mt. Tom Winter Challenge, Ansonia, Feb. 21. www.paroute6.com/calendar_detail/954
Eagle Creek pioneered those now ubiquitous multiple-size, nylon, zippered organizer bags. Always a step ahead of the pack, the company has introduced expandable bags that unzip to double the space. Made of ultra-lightweight ripstop nylon not much heavier
Q: I moved into an old house, and one of the bathrooms is original, I think - it's got some turquoise tile and a matching turquoise toilet. While I love the turquoise color, I can't figure out what color to paint the walls. Plus (and this part is kind of embarrassing), there's an old oak toilet seat with cracks and stains - its condition so unappealing that I haven't even used it yet. Where can I find a new seat to fit the old toilet?