Why settle for merely functional when you can have fashionable, too? Sonia Lucano shows how to turn everyday objects and throwaway items into things of beauty in

ReMake ReStyle ReUse

(Watson-Guptill, $19.95).

For example, she beautifies plain white ceramic plates by painting on a simple design of branches, and dresses up a mirror with etching.

Kindred spirits Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer are junkies and proud of it. In

Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers With Junkmarket Style

(Taunton, $21.95), the authors encourage thinking outside the store and inside the junkyard when looking for home-decor items.

Chapters cover each room in the house and introduce readers to challenges that are overcome using reclaimed or recycled items. This decorating guide is filled with before-and-after photos paired with how-to instructions.