Q: For our anniversary, my husband gave me a beautiful, rose gold watch, and I absolutely adore it. I want to redo our master bath with rose gold faucets and hardware to remind me of his gift and our love for each other. However, is this a fad that will look dated soon? What color should the walls, cabinets and counters, and towels be?

A: Congratulations on your anniversary. I love your idea of taking the rose gold finish into your master bath. This is a wonderful and very personal way to celebrate your marriage and customize the look of your bathroom.

The rose gold trend took off a couple of years ago in jewelry and fashion, and the housewares industry picked it up soon after. You'll see the trendiest new designs in accessories, such as soap dishes and dispensers, waste baskets, candle holders, toothbrush cups, etc.

Trends with more staying power show up eventually in durable products, such as faucets and hardware. Because it's easy to find rose gold finishes now, chances are good the look will be around for at least a few years. So, if you love it, I'd say go for it.

A current trend for wall colors includes warm grays and whites, which conveniently coordinate nicely with rose gold. Consider gray walls and off-white cabinets, or vice versa, or an all-white look with gray accents. Towels can be in a pattern with these colors.

Think about a classic look in stone or quartz for counters and tile. Carrera and Calacatta marble are mostly white with black and gray streaks. Another idea is a beautiful slab with pink tones along with gray and white. Some slabs may have beautiful gold-tone streaks, as well. White tile to match is another timeless choice. For a modern look, choose large, rectangular tiles for shower surrounds and the floor.

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