Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making It - by Caroline Tiger

A monthly column on Philly designers making an impact.

A monthly column on Philly designers making an impact.
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Candy Depew
Wallpaper, textiles, clothing, vinyl decals, & the occasional home accessory
Michael d'Amato
Designs a chair that mimics and moves with the body
Ben McBrien
Furniture & accessories using found wood
Suji Meswani & Geoff Weiser
Designing candles that come inside reusable vessels
Sara Selepouchin
Designs housewares and useful gifts that are printed with her diagram-style illustrations
e Bond
One-of-a-kind books that blur the line between art & design
Melissa Cohen
Designs educational toys for kids
Michael Iannone
Designs and builds eco-friendly furniture
Mario Gentile
Designs eco-friendly outdoor product to green your rowhouse
Eleanor Grosch
Designs fabric, stationery, sneakers, bike helmets, skate decks, and wallets.
Ernie Sesskin &
Brian Foster
Furniture out of found objects and salvage
about Caroline
Caroline Tiger is a design writer in Philadelphia
Visit her blog at design-phan.com