Add a personal touch to your home with Handy Chics' DIY Upholstery workshop

Are you inspired by homemade designs on Etsy? You can do it yourself with the help of Handy Chics' DIY Upholstery Workshop on Saturday, August 10.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of upholstery and add their own unique style to a piece of furniture in this super-fun DIY workshop.

Handy Chics’ creators Nneka and Keisha are dedicated to empowering women with workshops that teach all the tips and tricks of DIY living. This workshop is one of their most popular events and is always an enlightening experience.

The $229 admission includes lunch and refreshments, a piece of furniture (i.e. coffee table) to transform into an upholstered bench, supplies (foam, dacron/batting, spray glue), a Handy Chics t-shirt, complimentary gift bag, gift card giveaways and of course, the extensive knowledge of furniture upholstery. Atendees must supply any other needed materials.

The day begins at Fabric Row, where participants will buy fabric to use during the workshop. Then it’s time to head over to Syndicate Media Studios to begin the awesome DIY experience.

There is limited space for this workshop, so sign up here.

2819 Cedar St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19134
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.