Today is Arbor Day, a perfect time to enjoy trees - even in their decorative varieties.

Barking up the right one

For the ultimate in doggie domiciles, Scottie's Canine Fine Art Caves' Browning Passage model ($5,900) offers a rootlike entrance. Available at

In full leaf

Lorena Siminovich's Fruit Tree Collage ($108) sweetens the look of any wall. Available at local Anthropologie stores and

Roots, on reflection

The Million Rings Floor Mirror ($348) is sandblasted and hand-nailed, so each one has a unique character. Available at local Anthropologie stores and

Whole grain

Hable Construction's Bark Pillow ($95) displays an abstract vision that goes with the grain. Available at the Bee's Nest, 16 E. Eagle Rd., Havertown; 610-789-2720.

Bent wood

Umbra's Barkley Frame ($40) shelters a favorite photo in resin-casted bark. Available at Foster's Homeware, 399 Market St., and

Trunk show

Rest a mug or a small plant on the Tree Slice Table ($219), made using naturally felled trees. Available at

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a Philadelphia textile and graphic designer. Visit her design blog, Oh Joy!, at