Man cave: The next generation


This scene looks like my back yard, which is too bad for me. Never-ending construction projects in the house have meant piles of stuff all over the place, except my stuff isn't being worked on. These guys are putting together The Backyard in rooms 202 A and B in the Convention Center, the next generation of the Flower Show's Man Cave. Last year, if you recall, the Cave was staffed by SugarHouse babes, had a full bar and a TV screen that went on forever, and was permanently tuned to sporting events ... and lots of really comfy overstuffed chairs.

Women were welcome, of course, but it wouldn't have had quite the cachet it did if the official name had been "Man and Woman Cave" or "Family Cave." Every time I dropped by, there were plenty of women. Kids, too. Everyone wanted a soft place to sit. I could've done without the casino babes, but what do I know?

This year, the Man Cave gives way to The Backyard, which has a different vibe altogether, even though PHS is pitching it, once again, to men. And once again it will have a TV and cash bar. This year, however, it will "explore the world of outdoor relaxation and entertaining, do-it-yourself projects and home improvement." Stop by to see pavers and fire pits, new grills and outdoor furnishings, gizmos for gutters and storm water recycling, and products to prevent water damage and mold. (How come nobody asked me about that last item? I could write a book.)

In a lengthy interview last month, PHS President Drew Becher got very excited describing how The Backyard "is really going to focus on cool tractors, lawn mowers and lawn games." The Backyard, he said, "is for anyone who enjoys backyard duties or grilling stuff." I enjoy those things - boy, do I - especially when someone else is doing them for me.