Saturday, May 23, 2015

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"It's like being thrown in the washing machine and emerging all cleaned out." Susan Baragwanath was a schoolteacher in New Zealand when she was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship in 1994. On Wednesday, she was attending a fellows meeting in Philadelphia, and trying to describe what it's like to be part of the august program, which br
Buyer owes about 10G, and broker’s “safe deal” doesn’t seem so safe now.
On overnight shifts when her ailing equine charges seem restless, Anita Manning talks to them softly. Sometimes, she sings.
Installation of scaffolding began Monday in preparation for repairs to the roof, skylights, gutters, and stone facade of the Frank Furness-designed Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts building on North Broad Street.
Historic features at risk, advocates say
In the courtyard of City Hall, behind the cover of a temporary chain-link barrier, artists have spent the last few weeks constructing a monument within a monument - a scrap-wood counterpoint to the ornate marble of City Hall and the slick granite of Dilworth Park.
Three words that peppered the 2007 mayoral campaign: Planning. Zoning. Waterfront. Three words that hardly have been mentioned in the current mayoral campaign: Planning. Zoning. Waterfront.
Mike Weilbacher still thinks of the time he and others planted a bed of flowers with such care and hope at Lower Merion's Rolling Hill Park. Before summer was over, the plants were ravaged. Skeletal. All but an eyesore.
Q: I want to put a study desk in my child's room this summer - he is 8. His school provided a tablet computer but not a full-size computer for him, but he will need one when he is a little older. What kind of desk will be comfortable for the tablet now, and a computer later? I don't want it to be too comfortable - I'm also worried he will spend too much time in his room and not with the rest of the family.
The natural coil of black women's hair has assumed many shapes over the years - whether dictated by social or political statements or by fashion trends.
Q: I have numerous pairs of antique lace curtains.