Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Daniyah is an adorable 9-year-old with a delightful smile. She is bright, assertive, independent, and self-confident. Very articulate for her young age, Daniyah can hold her own in conversations with adults and her peers. Energetic and athletic, she loves to play baseball, basketball, and soccer. Daniyah also enjoys riding her bike, dancing, and listening to music. Birthdays and Christmas are her favorite holidays, because that's when families come together and celebrate.
When Philadelphia City Paper ceases publication after a final issue Thursday, the alternative weekly's extensive archives could disappear with it.
Q: I would like to replace my worn-out old carpet on my stairs with either hardwood or engineered wood/laminate. Like the carpet, my Pomeranian and I are also older, and my family and friends think it's a bad idea as one (or both) of us might slip and injure ourselves. Is there wood flooring that is less slippery? Or if I paint the stair treads, is there an additive or finish I can use to make it less slippery?
One evening last month, Jack Lees could be found telling tales of his Casani Candy Co., its roots dating to the Civil War, its most notable customer Milton Hershey, who in 1903 signed up the wholesale distributor to haul his new chocolate bars to every co
Maker Heather Holiday, 31, of Fishtown, creator of Mason Dixon, a line of handmade children's shoes. Her start Holiday worked as a graphic designer for a decade - and then, wanting to get back to making things by hand, took a job as an upholsterer with furniture maker BDDW. "That was my first exposure to working with leather and using old-world tech
Bill Graham was a foundering business major in San Francisco when he discovered his true calling as a concert promoter. It was 1966, just as the counterculture was taking center stage in America's consciousness, and his first show paired Jefferson Airplane and the anarchist poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Graham provided them with the perfect venue, a faded jazz ballroom called the Fillmore Auditorium. It would become the measure by which every rock-and-roll temple would be judged.
Philadelphia will be welcoming a new public park on a pier along the Delaware Riverfront. Pier 68, located at Pier 70 Boulevard and the waterfront, has...
We live in a right-angled world where most buildings have four corners, so anything with curves tends to get our attention. That helps explain why Philadelphia loves the "Spaceship," the cylindrical visitor center in LOVE Park. But the city is dotted with other little round buildings, nearly all designed during the optimistic days of the early 1960s.
Q: I really love the look of thick-slat wood blinds. My house is an early 1950s ranch, and, amazingly, has original unpainted wood trim around the windows, which are also wood. I think the blinds should match the wood trim, but my husband thinks it will be too dark, and we should pick white. Please help us.
James, 9, loves showing off his artistic skills, in particular drawing, his specialty. He also enjoys almost any physical game, but his favorite is hide-and-seek, which he plays with his 8-year-old sister, Emily.
Molly Buckley loves movies, so for the last four years, the Devon girl has hosted a backyard movie-night birthday party with popcorn machine, homemade cardboard "cars" to sit in, and yummy treats. After Molly turns 9 Sunday, she and her St. Katharine of Siena School friends and family will again enjoy a film - this year, Cinderella (the live-action version) - under the stars.