Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Since she began teaching at Rutgers 13 years ago, botany professor Lena Struwe has seen growing student interest in learning about plants. But that desire often comes without the basic plant knowledge that previous generations of students arrived on campus with. They studied plants in high school biology class, spent their childhoods playing in the woods, and picked raspberries with their grandmothers.
Whether it's used for flooring, backsplashes, or countertops, tile is beautiful, durable, and fire resistant. Easy to maintain using biodegradable cleansers...
KENNETT SQUARE Voting is open to choose America's best restroom, which just might be at Longwood Gardens. The restroom there was named one of 10 finalists in the 13th annual contest by Cintas Corp., a business services company in Ohio.
CAMDEN City officials announced the creation of a "pop-up park" outside City Hall where lawn chairs, picnic tables, light installations, and a piano will remain available to the public through December.
It all started when I noticed a strange smell coming from under the kitchen sink. At first the odor was so slight that I thought it was just my super-sensitive...
Just about everyone has a vision of their dream home. Even if you built it yourself or had extensive remodeling done before moving in, after several...
As your late summer vegetable harvest winds down, why not celebrate a great home gardening season by … planting some more!! “What?” you may ask. “The...
From getting crafty to cleaning around the house, you are going to find so many uses for this DIY! And you only need three ingredients that you already have in your pantry to make this bleach gel, making it just about the cheapest cleaner ever.
Listen, we're not here to judge anyone for being obsessed with Ikea and its furniture. But sometimes you need a wake-up call that your addiction has gotten out of hand.
Redo, don't relocate: It's a spreading mantra among homeowners who already live in desirable neighborhoods in the Philadelphia region. For myriad reasons - lack of equity, love of neighbors and neighborhood, the abject refusal to pack even one box - people who once might have moved when house and stage of life didn't match are choosing an alternative route:
Q: I have wooden cabinets in the kitchen of an old house. I was told to keep them because "they don't make things as well today." My only problem is the drawers. When I pull them out, black peels off the bottom and drops down onto the pots and pans, forcing me to clean them before they can be used. Can I paint the bottom of the drawers? What would you suggest?
26 signs you're addicted to Ikea