Friday, July 31, 2015

Home & Design

Nick Friez finds himself visiting Target a lot lately. He looks for the aisle with Bunky - a stand for electronics and books that attaches to the side of your bed - and makes sure each one is sitting straight and "looking nice."
July 28 (Reuters) - SolarCity Corp said on Tuesday it was introducing a new service that would make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to go solar and pay less for electricity.
Historians will debate whether Ralph Bencker was a modernist or Art Deco architect. Like so many practitioners in the 1920s and '30s, he combines the sensibility of both in his work, which can be found throughout Philadelphia. But his best-known design, the R.W. Ayer Building on Washington Square, now the Ayer condos, is distinguished by its emphasis on sculptural embellishment.
With imminent renovation of the two-block-long Gallery mall on Market Street, its owners are faced with a vexing problem: What to do about the public art installed decades ago, fruit of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority's Percent-for-Art program?
Jesenia is a 12-year-old with big dreams and big talents. Passionate about music, she loves singing, and her beautiful voice can be heard each Sunday in her church choir.
Q: Years ago, before kids, I had no issues wrangling my husband's and my cellphones. But our three kids have their own tablets and will soon start to get phones. I have a separate phone for work, too, and we are running out of room on the hall table. I don't allow phones in the kids' bedrooms, but I'm not sure where else makes sense to keep all those chargers. Please help!
Hoping to dissuade the Historical Commission earlier this month from landmarking Fishtown's beloved St. Laurentius church, parish attorney Michael V. Phillips reeled off a litany of reasons that its preservation was doomed to fail. The 19th-century building is no longer a working church. Its brownstone facade requires expensive repairs. If the Polish Catholic church received city protection, he predicted darkly, "it would just end up sitting empty."
This week, weeds seem to be taking over the world.
Crystal States is crafty, so naturally, she's planning to make a lot of the elements for her September nuptials.
In Fall 2015, Philadelphia will open its own observation deck at the highest vantage point open to the public: the 57th floor of One Liberty Place at 1650 Market St.
Q: I have two dogs and am about to adopt one more when my boyfriend moves in.
What should you paint first, the trim or the wall?