Saturday, August 2, 2014
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If your garden plants are flopping instead of flourishing, the problem could well be your soil. Many enthusiastic amateur gardeners believe that any...
Here are plantsman Lacy's suggestions for unusual plants to replace more common choices. They can usually be found at garden centers or online:
From beautiful lighting to smart storage, we have 10 key elements that have the ability to take your bathroom to an entirely new level.
At 8 a.m. on a Saturday in mid-July, a time many teenagers prefer to be asleep, Mika'al Broadus, a rising senior at Roxborough High School, was already at work.
Don't toss your glass jars into the recycling! The next time you have a bunch on hand, mix together this easy tinting paint that coats the outsides, creating really pretty containers.
Trinity Memorial Church at 22d and Spruce Streets was failing in the summer of 1994, and the few dozen remaining congregants knew it.
Make an eye-catching garden more enjoyable by including fragrant plants. Incorporating aromatic flowers into the landscape adds an unforgettable dimension...
Chester County contractor Jeff Morrison looked at the forgettable facade of Jennifer and Michael Mankowski's home, a stuccoed, farmhouse-style exterior. But what he actually saw was a circa-1900 house begging to emerge.
Over the last several months, architects, interior designers, and buyers for glamorous brands have all been making the same pilgrimage.
Oh, to have a personal garden guru, a seer with the knowledge and experience to steer us toward plants too great to fail.
Do not get Allen Lacy going on the subject of Bradford pear trees or forsythia bushes unless you want to get an earful.
In West Philadelphia, a fight to save a neighborhood farm