Thursday, October 30, 2014
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Makers David Short, 24, and George Dubinsky, 30, of Edgewood Made, a two- year-old Kensington studio. Creation Furniture and house- wares in ceramic and wood that have been sold at Urban Outfitters and will soon be available on Their work's also currently on display as part of an exhibition at the Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia, through Nov. 30.
Martha demonstrates an easy technique for making glittered pumpkins -- the perfect decoration for Halloween.
A new kitchen installation will cost you about $55K for a high-end job these days and take a minimum of 15 to 20 weeks ... during which time, you'll...
Create a stunning centerpiece with the help of dollar-store finds. Pick up a vase and some plastic creepy-crawlies, and you've got a Halloween decoration that's hard to ignore. For around $3, the vase easily comes together in two quick steps. Fill with red roses and sprinkle with additional bugs for spectacular statement.
Four decades after settling in West Philadelphia, John Lindsay still speaks bluntly in the Yankee rhythms of his native Boston. After he got wind that a developer was eyeing his community garden at Powelton Avenue and Wiota Street, Lindsay responded by erecting a small billboard under one of his ornamental pear trees. "Jannie Blackwell wants 12 houses built here," it declares. For good measure, he includes a link to his "Save the Wiota St. Garden" Facebook page.
Sean Kelley thinks roller coasters and haunted houses have a lot in common. "[They] share the appeal of being something that seems really dangerous, but at the same time you know you're safe," says Kelley, senior vice president and director of public programming at Eastern State Penitentiary. "Haunted houses are like that in that you feel like you're going in somewhere you shouldn't be."
Q: My wife is a very serious recycler. While I admire her conviction, the messy piles at our kitchen door are annoying. Every time I come home, this mess is what I see first. My wife saves it up until there's enough for a trip to the recycler. I'm sick of the sight, and the smell. Do you have any better ideas?
Over the summer, local cinematographer David Mielcarek shot and pieced together various shots of Philadelphia landmarks taken with a drone. The aerial drone shots provide a beautiful look at city staples from the Divine Lorraine to Kelly Drive at different times of day, evening and night. The video, titled “Fly like an Eagle,” comes from Dronestagram, a social network where drone operators can share their images. Dronestagram has five Philly-focused videos and photos including shots of Kensington’s graffiti-filled Back Jack’s Pier.
It used to be that we adults just had to worry about keeping up with our children in the smarts department. (Remember the first time you had to ask your...
Environmental awareness starts at home. Keep your house or apartment a hazardous-chemical-free zone; replace commercial upholstery cleaning products...
William Shatner really hates his ice machine. He may live in an enormous mansion in Southern California, but hey, rich people have problems, too.