Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Environmental awareness starts at home. Keep your house or apartment a hazardous-chemical-free zone; replace commercial upholstery cleaning products...
Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire! We all hope that none of these disasters will ever affect us … but just in case the unthinkable happens...
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Man's best friend is taking a bite out of renters' wallets.
"Get yours before they get you!" If Brits aren't ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, they can't blame Tiger Log Cabins. The U.K. company's Zombie Fortification...
They were in love with each other, and adventure, and the idea of an expat life in less-trodden territory. So after their 2006 wedding, Sylvie and Umi sold most of their belongings, quit their jobs, and moved to Ecuador with four overstuffed cardboard boxes and a cat.
It would take Jayne Thompson, a Widener University English professor, an hour or more to navigate the layers of security that separated her from her students.
Holiday season is around the corner, and that means house guests! Sure, you could spend all day cleaning and decorating in anticipation, but who has the time? Here are the only things you really need to do before your guests arrive. Don't worry - they are nothing but easy.
Terracotta is gorgeous, earthy, and green. A richly colored ceramic, it is used for many diverse purposes in house and home, including plumbing pipes;...
An aging population means plenty of work ahead for hoarding-cleanup expert Matt Paxton and his minions.
WASHINGTON (AP) - There's a strict set of standards for organic foods. But the rules are looser for household cleaners, textiles, cosmetics and the organic dry cleaners down the street.
Sean Kelley thinks roller coasters and haunted houses have a lot in common. "[They] share the appeal of being something that seems really dangerous, but at the same time you know you're safe," says Kelley, senior vice president and director of public programming at Eastern State Penitentiary. "Haunted houses are like that in that you feel like you're going in somewhere you shouldn't be."
Zombie-proof log cabin has 10-year guarantee