Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Exactly one year ago, a piece of masonry began to peel away from the top of a six-story building at 16th and Walnut. Bricks rained down in a torrent, crashing through the ceiling of the adjacent Lululemon store and injuring three young women - one of them seriously - who had been shopping for workout clothes. Fortunately, everyone else managed to walk away, shaken but unscathed.
Across the region, growers are turning underused indoor spaces into year-round farms that can supply local groceries and restaurants.
In a conference room in Abington-Lansdale Hospital on Friday afternoon, there were all the trappings of a retirement party: helium balloons, a golf-theme sheet cake, stacks of gifts and cards that had been passed around the nursing units for signatures. Guests posed for one group photo after another.
Gusty winds, snow to shovel, falling mercury. Need any more reasons to look forward to spring?
High above the Schuylkill, in the Ridge Park section of Roxborough, old millworker houses sit side by side with wood-trimmed Victorian mansions. The little houses are jammed together as tightly as crayons in a box, but they typically sit back from the str
Maybe the third time will be the charm for the place we've grown used to calling University City. Originally an African American neighborhood known as Black Bottom, the portion between Market Street and Lancaster Avenue was a tight mesh of rowhouses and small businesses until the early 1960s, when it was leveled to provide growing room for Penn and Drexel. As a token, the city set aside a full block on 36th Street to build a cutting-edge, science high school. It lasted all of 33 years.
On Conrad and Nikki's first date, he nearly marooned his mom's Chevy Lumina in a flooded creek. On the second, he invited Nikki to his parents' house - he was bunking in their basement after graduating from West Chester University - for a home-cooked meal of salmon, steamed broccoli, and milk shakes.
Second in an occasional series documenting Dréa Baldini's transformation over the next two years. Imagine squeezing the hormone-fueled mood swings of puberty into just a few months while trying to settle on a personal style and run one of the city's top beauty salons.
With a proud drumroll and a fancy Paris celebration, Giorgio Armani unveiled a new women's wear line Monday that he has dubbed the New Normal.
We bought our older home in a neighborhood considered safe, but it has iron bars on all the windows and heavy iron security screen doors with triple locks. I think the bars look ugly and not inviting; my husband thinks they make the house secure. None of our neighbors have these. Should we keep them? Should they be painted to match the trim or what?
Q: I moved into an old house, and one of the bathrooms is original, I think - it's got some turquoise tile and a matching turquoise toilet. While I love the turquoise color, I can't figure out what color to paint the walls. Plus (and this part is kind of embarrassing), there's an old oak toilet seat with cracks and stains - its condition so unappealing that I haven't even used it yet. Where can I find a new seat to fit the old toilet?