Saturday, September 5, 2015

Women's Health

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the first medication for women with low libido, but added so many safety precautions that its market may be limited.
Dark emotions had persisted throughout her pregnancy, despite the 32-year-old’s efforts to be positive. Thus, the eve of her 2014 due date found Moser and her husband piecing together the crib.
(Reuters Health) - Women who use oral contraceptives during their reproductive years may gain long-term protection against endometrial cancer, a review...
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Women who have pregnancies less than a year apart may have a greater risk for osteoporosis later in life than those...
Men don't process experience or seek support to cope with end of relationships, experts say
Tiffany Weber recently went through the kind of experience parents dread: Rushing a sick toddler to the hospital - twice - with a common yet frightening respiratory virus.
But statistics might not tell full story, experts say
Survey found three-quarters do so in context of a committed couple
But study finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect link
The women drifted around the cloth-draped, candlelit tables, cradling glasses of wine and nibbling on cheese cubes. Some, in suits and heels, had arrived directly from work; others, in stylish workout gear, had already been to the gym.
Study also found gender differences in brains of children with the disorder
Common symptoms include weight gain and changes in skin and hair
Researchers seek to reassure concerned mothers-to-be and their doctors
Experts think ban on smokeless tobacco among pro athletes might help curb use among kids
But researchers add that few valid tests exist to support diagnosis in children that young
Suggestions to help break the habit
Finding suggests use of electronic devices before bedtime could delay slumber
Finding suggests use of electronic devices before bedtime could delay slumber
Injectable products may contain unknown substances or contaminants
Trend mirrors the one seen in women, researchers say
Smoking another risk factor for this age group, researchers say
Results from children in Norway could reassure working parents
Results could help personalize care, experts say
Results could help personalize care, experts say