Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Women's Health

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Question: What is endometriosis? What are its symptoms? Answer: Endometriosis is the implantation of endometrial cells outside the uterus. These are the cells that line the uterus, and they are shed every month during a woman's period.
Study finds gestational diabetes less likely, but smaller infants more common
Question: Why do postmenopausal women need GYN care? Answer: When the menstrual cycle has ended, many women think they no longer need to check in with their gynecologist, but it is not that simple. An annual exam is needed to test a woman's lymph nodes for enlargements, the cervix for abnormalities, the breasts for lumps, and the pelvis for pain or abnormalities.
Quick tips to protect your skin
The dangers of a power tool used in gynecological surgery have been debated for more than a year, with experts offering varying estimates of the chance that an undetected uterine cancer would be spread - and likely worsened - by the tissue-slicing device.
But researchers aren't sure whether differences are cause or effect of inflammatory disease
A few sweat-inducing workouts per week are enough to cut risks in middle age, study finds
Finding suggests need for better treatments for menopause-related symptoms, study author says
It can be as important as an attractive photo, researchers say
Regular consumption of tea and citrus can be beneficial for your health.
Now, new results from studying the cohort – or group – study over 30 years reveal that women who consume tea have a lower risk of ovarian cancer.
But some question accuracy of estimate
Guidelines issued for U.S. high schools
Researchers also report drop in number of multiple embryo transfers, twin and triplet birth rates
National survey finds one in 10 teen boys also experiences dating violence
Study finds minors successfully purchased smoking devices 3 out of 4 times tried
But most believe it puts children at risk, study finds
Expert offers tips on lowering chances of episodes, knowing when to worry
One teaspoon of substance equivalent to about 25 cups of coffee
22 percent were from what parents said were nonsmoking homes, study finds
Men also drove up overall number of cosmetic procedures, doctors say
Researchers say findings should ease concerns as no increase seen in cancers or deaths
Study found no change in availability of healthy foods for children in low-income homes
Risk is small, but a sign the disorder is a serious problem, experts say
Bug that causes common cold, other infections often to blame, study finds