Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Women's Health

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First-time surgeries also lower chances of vaginal delivery for subsequent births, researchers find
Many raped when incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, researchers find
Shrinking the tumor beforehand seems to raise quality of life without shortening survival, study finds
Cesarean sections have long been the stepchildren of the labor and delivery world. But now, the procedure is getting a makeover.
Researchers say yes, but potential consequences are unclear
Risk of a type of colitis increased somewhat for current HRT users, study found
If you're a woman who exercises, the fear of bulking up may have crossed your mind. But regardless of what your fitness goals are, muscle can help you get there.
Not having either doctor or midwife present is risky, researcher warns
Whether quaffing artisanal cocktails at hipster bars or knocking back no-name beers on the couch, more Americans are drinking heavily - and engaging in episodes of binge drinking - a major study of alcohol use has concluded. And the increases are driven largely by women.
When it comes to quitting smoking, women may need some extra motivation, researchers say.
Don't let kids play nearby while mowing
Even a friendly pooch may overreact when startled
California study found that patients at highest risk for fractures often miss out on tests
Study found odds were doubled, though still very rare even at greater altitudes
Eye therapies will not cure reading disorder, experts say
Promote healthier eating and activity
Most can be treated at home, but learn signs of emergency, expert advises
Starting athletics early, focusing on just one sport contribute to risks
Also rising are costs to treat infants' withdrawal symptoms, study says
Playing with guinea pig in stressful situation was calming, study finds
Elasticity, pliability improve after toxin injections, study finds
Fewer unhealthy signs are needed before black women's risk starts to rise, study finds
Carrying sons linked to gestational diabetes, girls to later type 2 risk, researchers say
So-called 'love hormone' may one day help treat some psychiatric disorders, researchers say