Sunday, March 29, 2015

Women's Health

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Research aims to get at root causes of the disorder
In study, 4-D scans show more mouth movement, facial touching in presence of nicotine
British researchers stress that losing excess weight lowers the odds again, however
In 1918 in Philadelphia, members of the American Gynecological Society listened intently as Ralph H. Pomeroy read his trailblazing paper at their annual meeting.
This increases risks for baby and mother, experts say
MARCH IS Women's History Month, and, while we have certainly come a long way, baby, we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to body image.
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that healthy, pregnant women should engage in 30 minutes or more of exercise per day for most days of the week.
'Harness the power of the couple' to enhance health, researcher says
But other experts warn it's too soon to say the treatment is safe
Amy Reed, the doctor who has pushed for a ban on the gynecological surgery device that worsened her uterine cancer prognosis, said Wednesday that she is fighting a recurrence.
Findings suggest need to modify screening methods
Survey of kidney specialists shows hemodialysis becoming more common for expectant moms
Humidity and moisture can help prevent and treat congestion
Expert offers tips for keeping kids safe
Nicotine can harm developing brains, experts say
Math, reading and science scores better in schools that subsidized morning meals
But neglect, sexual abuse was more likely in kids of parents who were abused as children
Study also finds changes in areas that regulate self-control
Babies, toddlers get sick faster and die sooner than older children and adults, study finds
Drug policies should educate students, not just penalize them, researchers note
In study, 4-D scans show more mouth movement, facial touching in presence of nicotine