Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Compared to obese expectant mothers without special care, those given individualized calorie goals and weekly group meetings gained less weight during pregnancy and had fewer oversized newborns in a new study.
But the effect quickly fades once workouts stop, researchers noted
A new statistical analysis finds that women under age 50 who were diagnosed with breast cancer were also more likely to have recently been on some versions of the Pill.
Guideline is prompted by concerns about mercury exposure
Finding points up need for better access to reproductive health care for all women, researcher says
4 million fewer births attributed to less sex, more contraception, but U.S. rate still higher than comparable nations
But men who seek time for kids are viewed positively, researchers find
Behind a glass wall in Drexel University's ExCITe Center, a fully pregnant mannequin stands tall with nothing on but a strip of knitted blue fabric around its bulging stomach.
Scarring, allergic reactions and vision problems among possible side effects
Personal trainers Shoshana Katz and Erik Strassman share tips on improving your power with explosive moves like broad jumps, burpees and sprints. Dietician Beth Smith shares healthy picnic options.
Triclosan, triclocarban found in mothers' urine, umbilical cord blood, may disrupt hormones
For many of us, the long, cold winter challenged our ability to maintain our fitness goals. With warmer weather now upon us, it's time to start thinking about sleeveless shirts, shorts and teeny bikinis.
Study says early-stage cancer detection is key, but another expert says it may lead to 'overtreatment'
Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to a higher chance of the child having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Researchers found that when parents responded, infants began to form more complex sounds
Scans showed less connectivity in regions linked to reading
Have the child check each snack's nutrition
On days that mom and dad argue, they treat their children differently, study finds
16-year-olds should get more than 8 hours of shuteye a night to help avoid obesity, research says
But booster shots and second doses lag for 2-year-olds, report finds
Expert and researcher say the findings highlight need for slow return to playing field
But it's more painful, time consuming than common treatment, dermatologist notes
New study discounts pills' link to autism, but suggests ties to ADHD
But one expert says more evidence on EPO is needed
Researchers saw a nearly 6-fold rise in patients who met all criteria of anorexia except being underweight
American Academy of Pediatrics urges fluoride use on first teeth to prevent decay
Opening bell should be no earlier than 8:30, says Academy of Pediatrics