Thursday, December 25, 2014

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With the New Year quickly approaching many of us have fallen off of the wagon when it comes to our workout routine. Too many holiday obligations, too cold to go outside, too tired from the late nights and so on and so forth. And unfortunately as the pattern goes when we stop working out we tend to eat worse and mind our caloric intake less so it becomes a vicious cycle of neglecting yourself and your body. Then with the New Year, the gyms will become a mob scene and the crickets that you used to hear at your 5 am work out will now become people fighting for machines and interrupting a once solid and quiet routine at the gym. With both of those times upon us, it may be time to start adding a few home workouts to your schedule.
Today's devices count calories, measure sleep patterns and monitor heart rates as well as steps. Fitness experts predict their popularity and usefulness will grow as they become more sophisticated.
Haven't found the right gift for the runner in your life? Jen A. Miller has you covered.
Aerobic activity alone isn't enough, researchers report
Researchers believe raising public awareness made a big difference, too
Body weight training is a great way for novice gym-goers to perfect their form, all while building strength and confidence. It’s time to burn calories and former exercise bridges by ditching your old fitness routine and start body weight training instead.
People whose parents had a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis are more than twice as likely to develop knee pain in midlife as those with no family history of knee surgery.
Saxenda cleared for use by adults who are obese or overweight and have at least one weight-related condition
Rest, massage and stretching can help
Aerobic activity alone isn't enough, researchers report
Researchers believe raising public awareness made a big difference, too
Easy ways to get more exercise
Researchers say association was strongest among 60- to 74-year-olds
Those in poorest shape were more likely to have high blood pressure, study found
Infection's symptoms include pain, swelling and redness
Review found those who took yoga classes saw improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, weight
Older teens experienced the greatest drop in injury risk while taking Ritalin, researchers report
And reduce your risk of falling
Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases.
Do you like to switch your fitness routine up a lot with different types of work outs? Is there a new studio that you been wanting to visit, but were wary of making a big commitment? When you purchase a ClassPass you receive unlimited access to some of the most popular boutique studios in the city for only $99 a month. ClassPass, the passport to fitness, has recently expanded to the Philadelphia area.
Dan Vassallo said the final goal in his running career was to qualify for the Olympic trials in the marathon.
While you are in the marathon frame of mind this weekend, make sure you set yourself a reminder that the lottery for the 2015 Blue Cross Broad Street Run opens Sunday, February 1st and closes Friday, February 13th.
Whether it’s a few mugs of mulled wine at Christmas or a couple of bottles of Champagne at New Year’s or some wine in between, the holidays aren’t known as a time of alcoholic restraint.