Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sports Medicine & Fitness

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Strengthening, stretching exercises help maintain stability
Please join us on Thursday, April 23 at 12 p.m. as Crozer-Keystone's Richard Zamarin, M.D. fields your questions on joint pain and orthopedics.
The Philadelphia Orchestra's Joseph Conyers touches all basses
Any parent who heard about the sudden death Saturday of St. Joseph's Prep athlete Ryan Gillyard will be asking the question:
Ghanasyam "Sam" Adhikari was an athlete in his youth. At Jadavpur University in his native Calcutta, he excelled in cricket, soccer, and volleyball, and he captained both the soccer and volleyball squads. But there was friction between him and his soccer coach. Though Adhikari hustled on the field, he hated to run. He especially loathed running laps after practice.
When it comes to repairing pulled abdominal muscles or aching abductors, William Meyers is the go-to guy. The 65-year-old surgeon is the founder of the Vincera Institute at Philadelphia's Navy Yard, where marquee athletic stars and weekend warriors travel from across the country to fix core and hip injuries. The rehabbed USO building houses services from diagnosis to imaging to rehabilitation.
Can eating fast-food actually benefit you after a grueling workout?
Although we may have overcome race in the White House, I'm not so sure we have overcome obesity.
If you're not too thrilled with your normal gym routine, there are a few innovative websites that can help you make a change.
Researchers use computer simulation to show what contributes to elbow problems
Is your workout in need of a revival? Sick of the same old routine or losing interest in your current one? Philly trainers experienced in a variety of fitness styles give you workouts to rejuvenate your mind and body the next time you hit the gym.
Suggestions for a healthier you
Strengthening, stretching exercises help maintain stability
Athletes are considered at higher risk
Finding challenges common belief that they can boost performance
Study found real improvements in quality of life once men got active
New report also suggests quitting smoking, managing health conditions and socializing
Suggestions to help strengthen without straining
Researchers use computer simulation to show what contributes to elbow problems
Sports medicine specialist offers tips to help keep teens and adults moving
Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases.
Have you noticed that when you talk to fitness experts and enthusiasts alike, a key buzzword in every conversation is “the core.” All of our body’s motions and force production involve a properly functioning core, which is essential for all athletes, but especially for distance runners.
South Jersey residents looking to stretch their legs this weekend can join the 5K for Meso this Sunday, April, 26. The run and 1-mile walk will start...
It’s time we had that talk, yes, I am talking about “the birds and the bees!” Did you know that bees and other pollinators, including...
So just how big is the Broad Street 10-mile run?
Dan Vassallo said the final goal in his running career was to qualify for the Olympic trials in the marathon.