Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sports Medicine & Fitness

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There was once a time — really, truly, and not all that long ago — when people merely exercised.
Millions of Americans are recording their workout routines and activities on apps that are giving fitness experts new insights into the habits of a logged-in population.
Strike up the band! The resistance band that is. Whether you are on the road, or barricaded in your home recovering from the death of your favorite Game of Thrones character, a total body workout is always accessible due to the portability and convenience of the resistance band.
Are you the excuse queen or king when it comes to finding time to exercise? Work and family obligations can weigh us down and it might seem like there is no possible way to get to the gym. According to Ethel Baumberg, co-founder of FLYAROO Fitness, however, squeezing in time for fitness just takes a little imagination.
Congratulations to US Women’s soccer as they advance to the finals in the 2015 World Cup with a great victory against Germany, the No. 1 seeded...
SATURDAY, July 11, may not be a notable date for you, but it's of great significance to African-Americans, as we celebrate the 57th year of the Nile Swim Club, the first and only African-American owned-and-operated swim club.
On Saturday, June 27 at Temple University's track, local runners Rebecca Barber and Wesley Celestino debuted Philly's first Devil Takes the Hindmost race. (Dave Duban for Philly.com)
Here are five ways to help your muscles recover and see the most gains from your work in the gym.
Athletes know the importance of a proper nutrition and training program, but how many consider the benefits of adding massage to their routine?
Rothman Institute's Dr. Michael Ciccotti performs UCL reconstruction surgery on a 19-year-old patient at Riverview Medical Center in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Expert says gradual training can help prevent problems
Study suggests health choices still make a difference in old age
Expert advises families to sit at least 500 feet from launch area
Severity, size and location will help determine answer
Study suggests these activities might improve kids' attention span, self-control
Consuming excess fluids can lead to dangerous drop in sodium levels
Experts stress that exercise, good diet help maintain memory as much as mental challenges do
Study suggests making these resources easily accessible, affordable might cut odds of disease
Less free-time supervision helps social development, and children get more exercise, experts say
Avoid keeping sugary, high-calorie foods in the house, and encourage being active together
Better education recommended, especially at youth and middle school levels
Make sure pool is enclosed
Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases.
The Wall Cycling Studio will teach class on top of the roof of Whole Foods Markets (Yes, the one with the Taco Truck) in Plymouth Meeting, thanks to a collaboration with the store.
Q: How effective is treadmill running compared to running outside? Am I putting myself at a detriment if I only train on the treadmill? A: The treadmill...
Is the heat getting to you yet? With all these high temp, thick humidity days, you probably have lost your desire to cook. Don’t resort to lots of takeout though which can get expensive. These no-cook meals will keep your family satisfied without having to turn up the heat.
Tigist Jabore couldn't have encountered a busier weekend. Or a more productive one. The 21-year-old woman from Ethiopia won two races in two days, and after capturing the Broad Street Run on Sunday, she had the obvious answer about being fatigued.
Dan Vassallo said the final goal in his running career was to qualify for the Olympic trials in the marathon.