Friday, February 12, 2016

Sports Medicine & Fitness

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I know, why in the world am I writing a blog post about a Dallas player? We know Dez Bryant is out next week after surgery on his 5th metatarsal. But will he be back for the November 8th game against Philadelphia which is 7 weeks away?
ESPN has just reported that NFL owners approved five new safety rules and one replay rule change including a medical time out for disoriented players.
Medical research shows that new Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford is at high risk for re-injury.
The NFL's effort to reduce lower extremity injuries--and the latest on hGH testing.
From Peyton and Eli Manning on the gridiron, Joe and Dom DiMaggio on the diamond, and Venus and Serena Williams on the tennis court, sibling rivalry is as old as the games themselves.
Dr. DeLuca takes a look at how rule changes are determined and their potential impact on player safety, in the third installment of a series on increasing player safety in football.
Dr. Peter DeLuca explains the NFL's commitment to learning more about head injuries at every level of the sport.
SportsDoc: The NFL is well aware of social commentators who now question football’s future. The simple truth is that any physical activity comes with risk and reward.
Sports Doc: The ImPACT test is used to gauge the cognitive part of the concussion, or the part that deals with how the brain is functioning.
It turns out those responsible for torturing us with that phrase the majority of our childhood might have been on to something after all.
Earlier this week, following Michael Vick's concussion, we discussed the process by which football players are evaluated for head trauma on the sideline during a game. Today, how will the docs know when Vick is ready to return?
Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases.
It's usually a violation to praise another team's player during the NFL season. After the Eagles' game on Sunday, however, I think you'll forgive me if I look elsewhere for motivation this week.