Saturday, October 10, 2015

Philadelphia Marathon

The first runners push off the starting line for the 2015 Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 22nd. Check out profiles of inspiring local runners, race photos, interviews with the winners, and more.

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Dan Vassallo said the final goal in his running career was to qualify for the Olympic trials in the marathon.
Philadelphia came alive long before sunrise Sunday, with runners from around the world in a race that went off almost without a glitch.
Marathon runner Jason Fitzgerald shares an unofficial Philadelphia Marathon Course Guide.
On Nov. 1, the Philadelphia Marathon shut down registration for its marathon, half marathon and 8k. This was done three weeks before race weekend despite the full marathon and 8k still having 900 and 300 spots open, respectively. The half marathon sold out in the last few hours registration was open.
Her heart might unexpectedly stop, but her running would not. That's essentially what Brandi Dockett told a cardiologist in October after the 41-year-old personal trainer learned she had a potentially fatal coronary condition, one that shut down her heart for six or seven seconds at a time.
One of the bystanders at Sunday's Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon was Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf. He came to watch his daughter Sarah, compete in her first marathon.
Photos from the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon.
It’s race time. And since the Philadelphia Marathon is celebrating its 21st year, expect a weekend of reasonable partying — not too wild though, the race is 26.2 miles, after all.
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