Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Philadelphia Marathon

The first runners push off the starting line for the 2013 Philly Marathon at 7:00 a.m. on November 17, 2013. Check out profiles of inspiring local runners, race photos, interviews with the winners, and more.

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Record breakers are only part of the story of Philadelphia Marathon race weekend. Here's a sampling of some quirkier competitors we met at Sunday's 2013 GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon finish line. (Photos and captions by Rob Senior and Kelly O'Shea of
Starting and ending on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 2013 Philadelphia Marathon took runners all around the city on a cloudy Sunday, November 17, 2013.
An inside look at the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 17.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Philadelphia Marathon. Take a look back at past races and be sure to check out all the latest news in our section.
The Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon has become a mega event for the city, drawing runners from around the world - quite a feat considering its humble...
Group of inspiring, inexperienced runners aim to finish Philadelphia Marathon
It’s a common ritual among running buddies — they run, then they drink. Just ask the Fishtown Beer Runners who end all their weekly runs with a pint. But did you know there’s a science behind those post-run brews?
Any race is an endeavor, but this is a rigorous training schedule used with some expected - and not-so-expected - results.
The idea is to train at, just below or briefly above the threshold — so you’re performing at the maximum power you can without setting off the bodily reactions that force you to stop or slow down — in order to increase your body’s tolerance of that intensity and slowly push the boundary higher.
North Penn's Michael McKeeman won the men's 2012 Philadelphia Marathon, while Irina Mashkantceva set a new record as she won the women's marathon. Twenty-seven thousand other runners, buoyed by supporters, enjoyed a brisk fall race day.
People with the obstructions were at higher odds for breaks and fractures, researchers say
Identifying problems may prevent sudden cardiac arrest, new guidelines suggest
Both parents tend to view exercise as a selfish behavior that takes up family time, researcher says
Negativity less likely in people with a positive gait, study says
But low mood can be a barrier to physical activity, study finds
Proper diet, exercise, weight control among factors that may help, experts say
Playing ball year-round is ill-advised, experts say
U.K. research finds no apparent link, but U.S. experts are not convinced
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