Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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The fitness world always has had a fixation with physical appearance, but social media has propelled this into stratospheric levels of vanity.
NEW YORK (AP) - Experimentation with human growth hormones by America's teens more than doubled in the past year, as more young people looked to drugs to boost their athletic performance and improve their looks, according to a new, large-scale national survey.
One of the often unspoken benefits of going to the gym is its social and emotional benefits.
It has been a circus prop, a toy and a 1950s fad, and now the hula hoop is making a comeback as a workout tool that fitness experts say provides an effective cardio and even meditative workout.
Where do we rank on the CDC's list of state populations who engage in no weekly physical activity?
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A few weeks before their prom king's death, students at an Ohio high school had attended an assembly on narcotics that warned about the dangers of heroin and prescription painkillers.
If you're looking for another runner to pace you in a marathon, ask a woman. She's more likely to hold an even pace for the entire race than a man, according to two recent studies that looked at race performances.
Documenting my training with Relentless Fitness for the upcoming Spartan Race at Citizens Bank Park.
New studies and surveys are highlighting some health risks that come with the popular sport.
Finding suggests damage may be present even after obvious symptoms are gone
Many young people are ordering dubious, hazardous products off of the Internet, researchers warn
Seek immediate medical help for burns on the face, and large or deep burns
More than 22 percent of injuries are concussions, researchers call for better player protections
Suggestions to include fitness in your day
Experts note study findings aren't definitive, and risk is minimal
Study suggests sidewalks, curbs may be key to keeping older pedestrians safe
'Fitter' couch potatoes weighed less and had better blood pressure, study reports
Rest, possibly combined with physical therapy, key to recovery, research suggests
Finding suggests damage may be present even after obvious symptoms are gone
Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study
Researchers found that people ate more if told their walk was exercise, rather than scenic stroll
Secondary injuries more common among children who postpone ligament repair, research shows
Skier's thumb is an acute tear to one of the stabilizing ligaments to the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb. An injury to the radial collateral ligament can be very frequently missed because the patients can still grip and pinch. Early recognition and treatment of these injuries is key to good outcomes.
Over the past three years, Jessica Procini, CHHC, AADP, CTMC has made it her mission to break the endless cycle of dieting and put the fun back into weight loss, with her ever-popular Laugh Yourself Skinny program. Here, she shares her typical day of healthy eating.
40,000 runners took to the streets on Sunday, May 4, 2014 to run the 10-mile Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Check out the runner results and...