County Inspection Reports


Food-safety inspections are the responsibility of states and localities. Most have adopted some version of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's model guidelines. But FDA recommendations on how often kitchens should be inspected — based on the degree of risk posed by food-prep procedures and the populations served — are rarely met.

In Pennsylvania, counties with health departments conduct their own inspections based on regulations they adopted and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture covers the rest of the statem including much of Delaware County. In New Jersey, food regulations are adopted statewide but inspections are carried out by county health departments.

For a graphic comparing frequency of inspections in Philadelphia-area counties and major cities around the country, click here.

Search the Clean Plates database for inspection reports in Philadelphia and Bucks County. Here are links to local government databases of inspection reports:

*To search, add “Delaware” to the COUNTY window (not all municipalities post their inspection reports online).