Pump up your workout playlist: Flywheel's Emily Rothrock

Exercise junkies will testify that the right song can inspire you to crank out another set or log an extra mile. That’s why we’re helping you upgrade your workout music with playlist favorites from Philadelphia’s top trainers and fitness instructors.

This week, Flywheel instructor Emily Rothrock shares her tips for crafting playlists that her clients love to sweat to.

“Making a great Flywheel playlist has so many components but the most important thing is variety — a variety of tempos, genres and eras,” explained Rothrock. “The goal is for each rider in class to love at least one song."

Rothrock is constantly scouring Soundcloud and iTunes to find up-and-coming artists to keep her riders on their toes.

“I like switching things up with cool remixes of classic songs and right now I am loving the Hall and Oates mashups from Flywheel's in-house DJ Scott Melker,” said Rothrock. Melker’s Ballin’ Oates collection features five classic Hall & Oates tracks mixed with modern tracks from the likes of T.I., Twista, and Kanye West.

“I'm also a huge country music fan and always try to sneak one in every playlist,” Rothrock confessed.

Here are the 12 songs currently energizing Rothrock’s spin classes:

1. “We'll Be Coming Back” by Calvin Harris
2. "Rich Girl Meets Rich Boy" Ft. Hall & Oates by The Melker Project"*
3. Lay Me Down” by Avicii
4. “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies
5. “Anybody” by Bad Things
6.“Shake That” by Eminem
7. "Crave You" (D-WHY Remix) by Flight Facilities*
8. “The Only Way I Know” by Jason Aldean
9. "Happy" (NEUS Remix) by Pharrell*
10. “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin
11. “Sleeping With a Friend” by Neon Trees
12. “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers

Listen to the playlist »

*You can download the remixes on Soundcloud for free.