Outdoor Fitness: 3 exercise spots in the city to try

Dozens of yoga practitioners gather at the Race Street Pier in Philadelphia, Pa., on Sept. 26, 2015. The Saturday morning meeting has been seasonally active for four years.

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? The summer months are the perfect time to take your sweat session outdoors, and there is no better playground than the city itself. Check out these one-of-a-kind spots for your next workout.

Race Street Pier

Located at Race Street & North Columbus Boulevard

BRIANNA SPAUSE / Staff Photographer

Stairs for endurance training and panoramic views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge make this waterfront oasis the perfect setting for any exercise enthusiast. Jog, walk or cycle to this location to burn some extra calories. Once there, try this high-intensity circuit workout.

Start by facing the steps. Use your arms for momentum as you jump explosively up onto the first level of stairs with both feet. Slowly step down with each foot to return to the starting position. Complete 12 to 15 stair (box) jumps.

Then complete 25 to 30 sit ups on the grassy area located near the steps. Let your abs do all the work with this exercise by engaging your core muscles and keeping your neck relaxed.

Complete your circuit with 12 to 15 incline push-ups by using the step’s surface or a nearby railing to support your upper body. For best results, repeat this circuit five times.

Cira Green

129 S. 30th St. Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer

Whether you cycle, walk or jog, the Schuylkill River Trail provides an extensive path for all your cardio endeavors. Spend 30 to 45 minutes on the trail before you make your way to Cira Green, Philadelphia’s first elevated park located above the Cira Center South parking garage.

At Cira Green, use the incline grass surface to complete 10 hill sprints, 25 incline push ups using the railing, and 15 repetitions of step-ups on their elevated structures. Repeat this sequence three times.

Lemon Hill

Sedgley Drive and Lemon Hill Drive, East Fairmount Park.

Colin Kerrigan / File Photo

With rolling green hills, a historic mansion and scenic sights of the city, Lemon Hill is a fitness gem hidden right outside the confines of Center City.

Begin your workout by performing 20 to 25 jump squats. Hinge back at the hips and lower the body into a deep squat while keeping your body weight firmly planted in the heels. Swing your arms and explode up off the balls of your feet.

Then drop down on your hands for three sets of planks. Hold for 45 to 60 seconds. If this exercise is difficult on your wrists, rest your body weight on your forearms instead. Remember to keep your body straight, forming a line from your head to your heels.

Go explore the grounds with 30 to 45 minutes of cardio.

Freshen up your fitness routine with a change of scenery.

Earn it.