Broad Street Run: Full security details

In light of the tragic events in Boston on April 15, it made sense that added security measures would be in place for this weekend’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run. This afternoon, we learned what some of those measures will entail.

First, no bags, backpacks or coolers will be permitted in the Navy Yard, where the race concludes.

Philadelphia police officers will be stationed along the course and at every water station. Attendees and spectators are urged to report any suspicious activity to an officer or call 911. Runners and spectators can register at  to receive any emergency text alerts. Authorities and officials will be using this system to communicate any urgent news during the race.

Evacuation shelters along the race course are available to runners and spectators. These three locations have been designated by officials:

  • School for Creative and Performing Arts (Broad and Christian Streets)
  • Benjamin Franklin High School (Broad and Spring Garden)
  • South Philadelphia High School (Broad and Snyder Streets)

Finally, runners who wish to check their gear on race day must place that gear in clear bags provided at the race expo at Lincoln Financial Field. Officials recommend that if there is no inclement weather Sunday, runners should not bring additional gear.

Have a successful and safe race!

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