Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Experts warn that older men are at risk for osteoporosis, too
A new study has linked high triglyceride levels in the blood with recurrence of prostate cancer.
Men who sleep with plenty of women less likely to develop cancer in the gland, study suggests
Three exercises to add definition
Risk of cancer appears to rise with depletion, study finds
Study didn't find same effect in young women or teens of either sex
Study suggests male beverage consumption affects in vitro fertilization results
National data shows a 28 percent rise in men opting for the procedure
Study looked at more than 50 civilians who saved strangers, found they rescued without deliberation
Daniel Fessler an associate professor of anthropology at the university, believes he’s uncovering a crude mental shortcut that may shed light on those confrontations and help explain why men resort to violence.
But expert doesn't recommend taking statins to prevent recurrence
Women in powerful positions may be judged harshly, researcher says
Quality of relationships may have more impact on libido
Older women in unhappy relationships seem especially vulnerable, researchers say
Researchers find higher levels of artery plaque can affect a man's sexual health
Researchers say air pollution's effects lessened in older men who consumed flavonoids, but more research needed
Researcher said the participants were part of 'high-risk' population
Couples share millions of microbes every second they smooch, researchers report
Registered dietician offers tips for slimming down your holiday
Virus could put them at raised risk for throat cancers, researchers say
Vaccination could prevent most cervical cancers, researcher notes