Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Men's Health

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August is National Hair Loss Awareness month and while genetics may be the strongest predictor of a receding hairline, experts say there are several ways to help prevent balding.
In what could be the biggest coup for men's grooming everywhere, Carlsberg, the Danish brewing company, revealed that beer can multi-task as a grooming product that's supposed to give men better skin and healthier hair. The company just released a line of grooming products whose main ingredients are barley, hops, and yeast, which are rich in vitamin B and silicium, said to have powerful beautifying properties for the skin and hair. Each product - from shampoo, conditioner to body lotion - contains half a liter of beer. Carlsberg's brand VP Mikkel Pilemand told Mashable that beer has been around for a very long time, and so has the knowledge about its great attributes. Pilemand explained that the process includes freeze-drying beer in large quantities, then using roughly 5 grams of material for the grooming products.
If both partners view procedure as a joint effort, they feel greater intimacy afterward
In study, patients who ate typical 'Western' fare had more than twice the odds of dying from the disease
Scientists discover tens of thousands of alternatives to the traditional Windsor knot.
Until now, scientists thought there were only 85 different ways to tie a typical necktie.
A group of schoolchildren from Essex, England, have invented a condom that detects sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and syphilis. The condom would change color to warn the couple if a strain of bacteria is present.
Study finds obesity much more likely in 20s, 30s
Researchers find early sperm more likely to achieve a pregnancy
New research finds an association, but doesn't prove cause and effect
Study suggests caffeine may help maintain healthy blood flow and sexual function
Since in many species, sperm is males' only contribution to reproduction, biologists have long puzzled about why evolutionary selection, known for its ruthless efficiency, allows them to exist.
Men who became dads in their early 20s were more likely to die in their late 40s and early 50s, Finnish study finds
Studies show children raised by 2 moms or 2 dads consider themselves 'different,' but stigma is lessening
Middle-aged man is target of heating, cooling standards, researchers say
Weight-lifting regimen tied to increased bone mass in the whole body, lumbar spine and hip, study finds
Friendships, activities have protective effect in middle-age, study finds
Researchers say findings could help identify people at risk for alcholism
Study found people who were very premature at birth were more likely to be socially withdrawn
More people are genuinely changing attitudes, and not just bowing to cultural pressures
Almost 1 in 3 weren't told cancer treatment might affect ability to have a baby later
Tips from family or media can run counter to expert guidelines on vaccines, breast-feeding
Levels generally match those of gender assigned at birth, study finds
Report finds less than half of those aged 15 to 19 have had intercourse
Investigators find gender differences in progression from mild cognitive impairment
First-time fathers tend to add on extra pounds, researchers say