Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Young men often run into difficulties when they attempt to buy the morning-after pill for their partners.
Joint committee to consider whether 'Low T' products are overprescribed and whether treatment raises heart risks
Study suggests heart-healthy exercise may keep blood vessels more flexible
Testosterone might be the link between the two, but more research needed to prove a connection
Restricting blood flow to your muscles during intense exercise might sound like a death wish, but research has shown the benefits of this training trend.
Strength training exercises for your pecs
Men who follow 5 guidelines dramatically cut their risk, researchers say
Odor-causing bacteria grow better on synthetics than cotton clothing, study says
Triathlons, the swim-bike-run races of varying lengths, are scaling the bucket lists of many middle-aged athletes.
3 exercise to tone the back of your upper arms
3 exercises to tone your arms
Study findings also showed abortion rate was three-quarters lower than the national norm in this age group
The liquid social lubricant seems to foster 'contagious' grinning among guys
But authors, expert stressed that couples shouldn't base family planning on this finding
Study found younger patients fared worse if they did not have family, friends to help afterwards
Researchers found women likelier to seek mates around their own age
Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect, but suggests the need for healthy habits in childhood
Bullying may be to blame, but research doesn't prove cause-and-effect
Study found they lowered stress levels, lifted spirits after illness, job loss, divorce, death of loved one
They should be screened yearly for the sexually transmitted disease, experts say
Teaching parents to help their children with eating behaviors may lead to faster weight gain, researchers say
Guidelines include all sexually active females 24 and younger, plus older women deemed at higher risk
These strategic investments help incorporate sex into existing funded studies, U.S. health officials say
Task force cautions most women don't have symptoms from these infections
Study finds infection, other complications more likely for patients with difficult lives