Thursday, July 31, 2014
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But little research is done on male treatments, expert says
Personal Trainers Shoshana Katz and Erik Strassman show you how to improve your strength and stability with lunges, planks and squats. Dietician Beth Smith offers some tips for healthy eating along the boardwalk.
But most men regain their fertility within two years of final treatment, researchers add
Personal trainers Shoshana Katz and Erik Strassman guide you through foam rolling techniques and active vs. dynamic stretching exercises to add to your warm up routine.
More research is needed to understand why, authors say
For couples struggling with infertility, there are few lifestyle changes men can make to improve the size and shape of their sperm, suggests a new study.
Announcement comes as agency continues broader review of the popular supplements' effects on heart
25 years later, that game of catch in 'Field of Dreams' still resonates for many, and experts explain why
But unprocessed red meat was not implicated in this research.
Promoting gender equality at home may foster ambition in girls, researchers say
Men who use smartphones to locate new sex partners may be prone to riskier encounters, researchers say
Commitment to lifelong relationship appears to be key, study says
If men pay attention to these nine things the experts want them to know, they can extend their lives.
Review found sperm were less viable in men who had been exposed to electromagnetic radiation of devices
If parent and preschooler are both overweight, tackling it together works best, researchers say
Heat contributes to nearly one-third of those deaths, report finds
But it's not an asset in matters requiring compromise, study finds
Couples with equal levels of academic achievement less likely to split than if husbands have more, study finds
But most men regain their fertility within two years of final treatment, researchers add
American Red Cross, other groups also urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening
As natural bacterial 'diversity' lessened, HIV viral load increased in infected men, researchers say
Small study revealed most younger males more interested in closeness, trust with a girl
Men who served after draft was dropped were twice as likely to report past abuse, trauma as their civilian peers
Primitive form of envy may help them protect their bond with their human, researchers report
Suggestions for men in their 60s
And women tend to fare worse than men, study finds
Experts note study findings aren't definitive, and risk is minimal
Only 22 percent of those at risk get screened, and researchers think complacency may be why