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Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Eastern Regional Medical Center

1331 E. Wyoming Ave. Philadelphia , PA 19124 (215) 537-7400
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Recognized for:
CTCA specializes in the treatment of advanced and complex cancers. Its "Patient Empowered Care” model combines state-of-the-art clinical treatments and technology with complementary care, including nutritional therapy, pain management, mind-body medicine and spiritual support. This approach aims to minimize side effects and improve a patient’s quality of life. For-profit CTCA is an adopter of innovative technologies and treatment options. For example, CTCA joined two other hospitals in the country in 2011 to announce a deep-tissue hyperthermia clinical trial as a potential option for patients with deep tumors in the pelvis, prostate, cervix, ovary, bladder and rectum. CTCA also has cancer hospitals in suburban Chicago; Tulsa, Okla.; and suburban Phoenix. In Philadelphia, the majority of patients come from the New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh regions.
Vital statistics:

94% of patients said they would definitely recommend the hospital to others.

85% of patients reported doctors here "always" communicated well - ranking the hospital 15th in the region.

80% of patients reported their pain was "always" controlled well - ranking the hospital 1st in the region.

The hospital ranks 48th in the region in measurements of blood infection from a catheter in a large vein, and 1st in the region in measurements of infection from a urinary catheter.

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