Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Heart Health

238 hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are compared based on their performance with heart attacks and heart failures.
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Long-term study showed prolonged exposure linked to heart disease, stroke
Risk of sudden cardiac death was still higher, decades after women had lost the pounds, study found
Don't forget to take your meds with you when you travel, expert says
Researchers urge these patients to visit a cardiologist regularly
Study found rise in odds for hypertension in those with moderate-to-severe premenstrual syndrome
Odds of another life-threatening event are much higher than normal, study says
But more research is needed before this can used as a marker, expert says
Even those who start moving later in life could see benefits, study finds
But larger study needed to assess the effectiveness and safety of the implants
Condition that affects eyes and spinal cord tied to miscarriage, other complications, researchers say
Routine schedule, whether workday or not, might cut odds of diabetes, heart disease, study suggests
Study links depression to stroke and heart disease over 10-year period
Lack of social support, finances can get in the way of recommended activity, study says
Regular java and decaf were linked to survival benefits in study
Treatment improved survival in 'nonshockable' heart cases, researchers say
When compared to using the groin artery, there were fewer bleeding events, death rates
When compared to using the groin artery, there were fewer bleeding events, death rates
Though it is lower than traditionally thought, many people still deficient, researchers say
Most people should try medication plus lifestyle changes first, experts say
But researchers suggest even more patients could benefit