Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Heart Health

Know Your Heart?
True or False: People who do not get enough sleep are more than twice as likely as others to die of heart disease.
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This program is presented by Penn State University, Delaware County Extension. This is a nutrition and recipe demonstration class. Learn about cooking and eating nutritiously, and how doing this can avoid medical problems and increase your longevity. Brookhaven Municipal Building • 2 Cambridge Rd., Brookhaven, PA
238 hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are compared based on their performance with heart attacks and heart failures.
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Joint committee to consider whether 'Low T' products are overprescribed and whether treatment raises heart risks
Detailed history, examination can reveal teens' risk for sudden death, experts say
Study suggests heart-healthy exercise may keep blood vessels more flexible
British researchers outline 9 critical components of hospital care
Findings could help explain association between dirty air, risk for heart disease, researchers say
Ultra-sensitive test detects trouble even with normal cholesterol, researchers find
Ultra-sensitive test detects trouble even with normal cholesterol, researchers find
Researchers find, in 8-week span, that those who gain in the abdomen have highest increase
Researchers found the earlier they were given, the less arteries hardened in adulthood
But admissions, deaths are down, U.S. study finds
Almost half of daily intake comes from the 10 foods they eat most
An hour of sitting can impact arteries in the legs, but even a 5-minute stroll helps, research shows
But it's not clear if foods rich in this nutrient actually caused the lower risk
It's the first time an artificial cardiac valve has been made that grows over time, scientists say
Higher levels of activity reap greater benefits, researchers find
Weight gain around the middle was key to rising risk for hypertension, study found
But researchers say exercise, education may help overcome deficiencies
Experimental medication beat standard treatment at reducing hospitalizations, cardiovascular deaths