Saturday, April 25, 2015

Heart Health

238 hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are compared based on their performance with heart attacks and heart failures.
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Usage doesn't always comply with national guidelines
Finding suggests interventions aimed at these kids might make a difference, researcher says
Tiny particles of pollution might shrink the brain and increase risk of 'silent' strokes, study contends
Treating mental health condition might improve cardiovascular health, expert says
New American Heart Association guidelines outline health care strategies for these patients
Researchers recommend sleep disorder screening for patients with atrial fibrillation
Study found those who are related faced greater chance of heart stopping than those who aren't
When heart can't pump enough blood
But remarriage, at least for women, did not lower risk
Remarriage, at least for women, did not lower risk
New report also suggests quitting smoking, managing health conditions and socializing
In study, almost 30 percent of people with atrial fibrillation didn't use Pradaxa as instructed
Researchers say medications can cause bleeding, and may be unnecessary for those at low risk of stroke
Keeping a gratitude journal seems to reduce cardiac risk factors, study finds