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5 wholesome meals to cook on St. Patrick's Day

This traditional Irish lamb stew is full of leeks, carrots and potatoes, and is less than 300 calories per serving.
This traditional Irish lamb stew is full of leeks, carrots and potatoes, and is less than 300 calories per serving. iStockphoto

This St. Patrick's Day, get your Irish fix by cooking some flavorful, wholesome meals to mix with traditional holiday fare.

Whether you're heading to a parade, Irish pub, or just having friends and family over, go beyond the typical corned beef and cabbage, mashed potatoes, and other Irish foods that can be loaded with fat and carbs, and cook these lightened-up versions for some balance.

The meals we picked contain a variety of veggies, lean meat, and will save you tons of fat and calories. Get in the Irish spirit by cooking the dishes below!

1. Irish lamb stew

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  • This traditional Irish stew is full of leeks, carrots and potatoes. To keep it healthy, make sure you trim the lamb of any fat before you cook it.

    Per serving: 266 calories 7g fat, 27g carbohydrates, 23g protein, 4g fiber

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    2. Potato cabbage soup

    Get your dose of vitamins from the cabbage and fiber from the potatoes in this creamy soup! Plus, the scallions and the cabbage give the soup a green color.

    Per serving: 207 calories 7g fat, 32g carbohydrates, 9g protein, 10g fiber

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    3. Whole-wheat Irish soda bread

    This Irish staple only takes 10 minutes to prepare! Whole-wheat flour provides a boost of fiber and is low in calories.

    Per serving: 165 calories 1g fat, 37g carbohydrates, 8g protein, 3g fiber

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    4. Ploughman’s lunch platter

    This hearty salad saves you calories by using extra lettuce, low-fat cheese, and less sausage than the traditional Irish pub meal.

    Per serving: 440 calories 27.3g fat, 36.9g carbohydrates, 15.5g protein, 5.4g fiber

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    5. Mini Shepherd’s Pies

    This lightened-up version of Shepherd’s Pie includes 93 percent lean ground beef, and substitutes squash puree for the potatoes. Plus, they’re baked in individual bowls for perfectly sized servings.

    Per serving: 310 calories 13g fat, 26g carbohydrates, 29g protein, 5g fiber

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