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5 filling Super Bowl apps to win your guests over

Try this chipotle chocolate chili with ground turkey for a hearty Super Bowl Sunday main dish.
Try this chipotle chocolate chili with ground turkey for a hearty Super Bowl Sunday main dish.

As Americans gear up for one of the biggest nights in sports, they’re also preparing for one of the biggest nights of eating.

Super Bowl parties can be all fun and games – until you start worrying about your health. Combine alcohol with the high-fat foods typically served at these gatherings, and you’ll be overloaded with calories!

This is problematic for the health conscious, as consuming these unhealthy foods, such as Buffalo wings, nachos, and sausage, can cause heartburn and acid reflux. To avoid overeating – yes it’s okay to treat yourself a little bit – try making some less fatty, heartier appetizers that are better for you and will keep you feeling full longer by focusing more on fiber and protein. Dredge whole-wheat flour on chicken tenders instead of deep-frying wings, and make baked zucchini fries instead of classic French fries for some healthier options.

Try those recipes and more this weekend, and you will be sure to please your fellow partygoers! Whether you’re hosting a party or are attending one, these apps provide a great alternative to ordering out.

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  • 1. Boneless Buffalo wings

    Your typical game day wings are deep-fried and drenched in buttery hot sauce. Save fat, calories and sodium by making this recipe, which calls for chicken tenders, and seasons them in whole-wheat flour and cornmeal with just a tiny bit of oil.

    Per serving: 256 calories 10g fat, 12g carbohydrates, 31g protein, 2g fiber

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    2. Baked zucchini fries

    Instead of reaching for potato fries, try out this guilt-free veggie version. The zucchini sticks are tossed with light panko breadcrumbs and then baked in the oven. Once they’re ready, dip them in a homemade sauce made with low-fat Green yogurt and lemon juice.

    Per serving: 137 calories 3.7g fat, 19.1g carbohydrates, 7.3g protein, 1.5g fiber

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    3. Mini turkey burgers with gorgonzola

    These sliders use ground turkey breast and low-fat mayo; both of which eliminate the high saturated fat that you’d get from a traditional burger. This low-fat finger food is less than 200 calories per serving.

    Per serving: 169 calories 4.9g fat, 17.1g carbohydrates, 14.5g protein, 0.9g fiber

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    4. Chipotle chocolate chili

    Win your guests over with this chili for the main dish. The chili gets its richness from unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate, and includes hearty ingredients such as pinto beans, red peppers, and ground turkey breast.

    Per serving: 257 calories 6.6g fat, 26g carbohydrates, 23.6g protein, 6g fiber

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    5. Chicken, tomato, and jalapeño pizza

    This Tex-Mex pizza substitutes garlicky olive oil for the sauce, and uses thin-crust whole-wheat dough. Top with chicken, tomato, jalapeño , and cheese and you’ll have a flavorful, filling pizza for a fraction of the calories!

    Per serving: 416 calories 17g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 19g protein, 4g fiber

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