Sunday, February 1, 2015

Healthy Eating

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Tomorrow everyone will be gearing up for the big game, making all their favorite Super Bowl dishes. If you have been on a diet or trying to eat healthier, then you are probably dreading all of tomorrow’s temptations, but you don’t have to. Whether you are hosting your own party or visiting with family or friends, these healthier versions of party favorites will prevent the day-after guilt you know you will feel on Monday morning.
In the dictionary, the word “context” refers to “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea…in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.”
Did you know January is National Oatmeal Month? High in fiber, antioxidants and more; oatmeal consumption has been linked to improved heart health, immune function, overall satiety and blood-sugar control. Here is a cheat sheet for creating a tasty bowl of oats with my favorite good-for-you toppings.
Try tasty antioxidant-rich juices
"Why didn't I think of that?" was my main reaction when I first heard of avocado toast. I have enjoyed and advocated ripe avocado as a bread spread for years. Its creaminess and buttery flavor are ideal on toast in the morning, adding a rich yet healthful element to the breakfast plate. But aside from topping mine with a slice of tomato, that is as far as I took it.
Study finds that people ignored nutritional information if they thought yogurt didn't taste good
The benefits of beans are endless: they’re low in fat, full of fiber and protein, and contain a handful of nutrients.
Techniques to avoid temptations
Three years ago, Allie Ilagan was admittedly unhealthy. Stuck in a job that made her miserable, Ilagan had gained a lot of weight and was looking for...
Study found just a 5 percent change in weight may affect postmenopausal bone health
Early menstruation a risk factor for depression and breast cancer, researchers say
Early menstruation a risk factor for depression and breast cancer, researchers say
Study suggests certain calorie information might also prompt parents to encourage more exercise
New research finds lifestyle changes are more successful when couples do it together
But experts say restricting intake is still advisable
All of the recent chatter about local restaurant food safety had me thinking that, as bad as the statistics are, it's really far worse than what most people can even imagine.
Super Bowl Sunday has become the second biggest day for U.S food consumption. Instead of calling the day “a wash”, and wreaking havoc on all of the diet progress you’ve made, use 10 game day strategies to help you walk away with a win.
An increasing number of gyms are using high-tech exercise equipment that can prompt, respond and adapt to individuals in what fitness experts say may signal a future that frees clients from trying to gauge how fast, how hard or how long to work out.