Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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Limit alcohol consumption, especially if you've ever smoked, experts say
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As options for cancer patients become increasingly complicated, and expensive, the most influential source for U.S. oncology...
(Reuters Health) - Women who use oral contraceptives during their reproductive years may gain long-term protection against endometrial cancer, a review...
They may be less likely to get regular skin exams, advance warning about their risk, researcher says
The treatment costs about $11,000 to $12,000 per month.
“I thought for sure I was dying,” Melley said. “I thought it was the end of me.”
Study found an association but didn't prove cause and effect
Immune-suppressing drugs may play role in higher number of melanoma diagnoses
While treating patients as a radiation oncologist at the University of Chicago, Dr. Andrew Howard noticed that many didn’t seem to understand their diagnoses.
A group of 118 of the nation's leading cancer experts have drafted a prescription for reducing the high cost of cancer drugs and voiced support for a patient-based grassroots movement demanding action on the issue.
Q: I keep reading about these new medicines for cancer called immunotherapy. Is this something that can help my cancer?
Steve Sewell hadn't given much thought to forgiveness until he started visiting his friend Ouida Coley while she was getting treatment for metastic breast cancer.
Studies find those with strong beliefs may have better mental and physical health
When Marjorie Stromberg and Sean Miller decided to get married, they knew they might face fertility problems stemming from her chemotherapy for leukemia at age 12.
How much care should be given to the dying at the end? A new study finds that, at least with cancer, there's a good medical reason to consider giving less: Chemotherapy doesn't improve dying patients' quality of life. In fact, for those terminal cancer patients who were doing the best at the beginning of the study and were least disabled by their cancer, chemotherapy was associated with worse quality of life near death.
Findings may allow more targeted therapy for the toughest cases, researchers say
Higher tobacco taxes, tough messages contribute to falloff, experts say
And a majority of these patients don't tell their doctors about it
In study of those under 50 with invasive form of disease, 12 percent had BRCA1, BRCA2 mutations
Viewing time of less than 6 minutes linked to higher cancer rates, study finds
Researchers want to test daratumumab in a larger group of patients
Rate is double that of people without cancer who've lived through one stroke, study finds
Circulating tumor DNA analysis spots stray cells months before scans detect recurrence, researchers say
Majority had issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, often persisting long after being declared cancer-free
Even 'sham' acupuncture beat one frequently used medication
But findings should be viewed with care, researcher says
The farther the location, the less likely patients got treatment after cancer surgery
But researchers say clinical trials needed to prove older beta blockers lengthen life in these patients
Small study showed high accuracy but hurdles remain, two experts said
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