Saturday, July 4, 2015


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The duPont Hospital for Children had too few of the little wagons that young patients prefer to wheelchairs, so Peter Zucca started a foundation to raise money for a fleet of them.
A prototype tool developed by leading oncologists determines the survival benefit of high-cost medicine.
The pushback against soaring cancer drug prices is gaining steam. A leading doctors' group on Monday proposed a formula to help patients decide whether a medicine is worth it - what it will cost them and how much good it is likely to do.
An international research team led by Mayo Clinic oncologists has found a new way to identify and possibly stop the progression of many late-stage cancers, including bladder, blood, bone, brain, lung and kidney.
He was nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed as a bedrock conservative, an antidote to other Republican nominees who in the past had too often sided with liberal colleagues, or so many conservatives believed.
Mayo Clinic and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) are helping launch a national clinical trial that will apply the latest in precision medicine to treat advanced melanoma skin cancer.
Susan Funck got the horrible news on her 47th birthday - Aug. 27, 2012. Her 13-year-old daughter, Hannah Duffy, had a brain tumor. A biopsy later confirmed that the tumor was malignant. It would be fatal.
Scientists suspect low-dose effects have led to global epidemic
(TNS) MIAMI — Emma Rodriguez, a colon cancer survivor, recalls a time when she had to go through continuous infusion chemotherapy. The 60-year-old...
When Ben Watson, 14, had trouble breathing, his doctors suspected he had pneumonia and put him on a couple of rounds of antibiotics.
Research shows promise; could be used in humans as soon as this summer, study author says
Eighty percent of lung cancer deaths linked to smoking, researchers say
Nearly 50 years after the Epstein-Barr virus was discovered to cause human cancers, there are no good treatment options for the 200,000 new cases diagnosed annually, most of them in the world's poorest places.
American Cancer Society and National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention encourage everyone to protect their skin against the sun on May 22
Summer is upon us and the Friday prior to Memorial Day weekend has been designated by the American Cancer Society and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention as “Don’t Fry Day,” to encourage sun safety awareness.
But whether lack of sleep -- or the causes of sleeplessness -- to blame is unclear, experts say
For the past year, Sarah Siemens of Fresno had been searching for a way to honor her mother, who died of skin cancer.
But, due to aging population, actual number of cancer deaths is rising
Chemo improvements have likely played a role, researchers say
Study finds Americans are staying away from unhealthy practice in growing numbers
Study finds 12 percent or fewer getting active surveillance
Study authors think compounds in citrus may sensitize skin to sunlight, but further study needed
Study shows potential for noninvasive tumor detection
But more research is needed before test is used for monitoring or screening, researchers say
Study did find slightly higher odds for the skin cancer in men on ED drugs, but lifestyles are probable culprit
Review of 79 studies suggests states may have put cart before the horse, experts say
Annual screening could catch changes that signal beginnings of cancer
Scientists suspect low-dose effects have led to global epidemic
But screening rules for women changed recently, so impact of the shots remains unclear, researchers say
Research shows promise; could be used in humans as soon as this summer, study author says
4 in every 10 U.S. households with a smoking parent had no 'smoke-free' rules in place, study finds
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