Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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In addition to the medical and emotional toll, the financial cost of cancer can be overwhelming. On average, some of the newer drugs run to $10,000 a month, with some exceeding $30,000 a month, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a group of about 35,000 cancer professionals.
Small study shows those undergoing radiation therapy had fewer side effects, less fatigue
By Carol Fragale Brill Recently, I entered a writing contest with a deadline five months away. After tapping send, it hit me. For the first time since hearing four terrifying words - it is uterine cancer - I made a plan for the future without first asking myself, Will I be healthy then? Will I be alive?
A cancer diagnosis is always upsetting, and that’s especially true when the patient is pregnant.
The news left vegetarians feeling vindicated. It sent meat producers into a tizzy. And it left many others wondering: Do bacon and bologna really cause cancer?
Cancer patients with lower incomes are a third less likely to be part of clinical trials that could help treat their disease than those whose annual income is at least $50,000, according to a new study.
Two new studies published on Wednesday of patients with breast and prostate cancers add to growing evidence that detecting bits of cancer DNA circulating in the blood can guide patient treatment.
Women who've had their tubes tied also seemed to be protected
Researchers call for removing obstacles to breast-feeding in home, community and workplace
The World Health Organization has confirmed what you probably already suspected: Bacon, hot dogs and other processed meats can increase your risk of cancer. Not only that, fresh cuts of red meat probably cause cancer, too.
Anita Gray lives with lobular breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones. So, once a month, she drives from Flying Hills, near Reading, to Northeast Philadelphia's Cancer Treatment Centers of America to meet with her oncologist and discuss palliative treatment.
Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease.
Is the best treatment for cancer already inside of us?
Researchers recommend primary care doctors look for 11 or more
Agency says medication can be used in combination with others for advanced cases
The top cause of cancer death in the United States
Researchers suggest provision allowing young adults to stay on parents' insurance linked to more screening
More than 14,000 projected to die from disease this year
Unique coalition may be one reason why, and might serve as model for other cities, experts say
Blocks certain enzymes, hindering cancer-cell growth
Small study shows those undergoing radiation therapy had fewer side effects, less fatigue
If applicants were heavy or revealed previous illness, they got negative responses, studies say
Long-term effects of powerful treatments merit further study, experts say
Genetic screening might be useful for all childhood cancer patients, researchers say
But whether that's good or bad isn't yet clear
For people who have received other treatments
Abnormally low sperm count tied to greater risk, study suggests
More than 100 million mutations allow it to adapt quickly, resist cancer treatments
Quality of insurance across U.S. may influence treatment, researcher says
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