Sunday, February 14, 2016


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Independence Blue Cross' announcement that it will cover a complex type of genetic testing for some cancer patients thrusts the insurer into the debate about how to handle an increasing array of these expensive tests.
(TNS) CHICAGO — It seemed like the flu. Three years ago, Tim Brown’s 3-year-old granddaughter Evelyn had an upset stomach and a fever. Symptoms...
On January 21st, PMN and AACR presented cancer big ideas to local doctors and companies.
Though guidelines suggest screening starts at 50, researcher says it's premature to change them
Nearly a week after Vice President Biden visited Philadelphia to announce a new federal "moon shot" to battle cancer, the heads of six leading Pennsylvania cancer centers and other experts gathered in Center City on Thursday to discuss treatment and prevention developments, and sort the promise from the hype.
When President Obama announced his "precision medicine" initiative a year ago, the White House spotlighted Emily Whitehead as an example of patients who have already benefited from an approach most people have never heard of.
If you develop cancer, will you be treated with a targeted drug? A recent study led by the MD Anderson Cancer Center indicates more than a quarter of U.S. cancer patients are getting such precision therapies - which now dominate anticancer drug spending.
In the 1990s, an Israeli biophysicist wondered whether cells that were in the process of dividing might be vulnerable to damage by electromagnetic energy.
Vice President Biden met with scientists at the University of Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Center Friday afternoon, officially launching his "moonshot" quest to cure cancer.
Improved treatments are avoiding many of the toxic reactions to older therapies, study finds
That translates to an additional 1.7 million survivors, expert says
Technology may help surgeons identify and remove more malignant cells
Researchers suspect drug may help prevent spread of deadly disease
Analyzing results over time can detect harmful changes, study suggests
Analysis of 19 studies suggests surgery has an edge in survival, but experts say each case may be different
Study finds cola boosts effectiveness of Tarceva for patients who are also taking a heartburn medicine
But researchers added that their study did not prove cause-and-effect
New study finds nearly all women under 40 at diagnosis are opting for BRCA evaluation
Research shows this practice doesn't increase risk for new cancers or recurrence
Researchers examine falloff after change in prostate cancer screening recommendations
Intelligence, memory and attention can be affected by treatments, researchers say
Limit fiber several days in advance of the exam
Doctors, patients should know of increased risk, expert says
Researchers found 30 percent lower odds for those with respiratory allergies and eczema
And, about two-thirds don't see cancer diagnosis as inevitably fatal, Harris Poll finds
Study of in vitro fertilization shows slightly elevated risk, but experts aren't sounding alarms
Researchers also found music helps during the procedure
Early stage disease can be cured about 90 percent of the time, researchers note
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