Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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For the eight years since her diagnosis in 2006, drugs, surgery, and chemotherapy had kept Debra Hinkle's breast cancer at bay.
Brylan Wright was only four years old last September when out of the blue he had an extremely high fever accompanied with a rapid heart rate which...
Fears of opioid abuse and addiction might be keeping patients with advanced cancer from getting enough pain medicine.
Pilots are 2.22 times more likely than people in the general population to be diagnosed with melanoma, and flight attendants' risk is 2.09 times greater, says a study in JAMA Dermatology.
Experts in the fight against the deadly skin cancer see Keytruda's OK as big step forward
Study raises questions about the effect of its estrogen-like properties
Sue Russell has rare ocular melanoma. Her life is scans and trials, tears and fear. It's also precious online friends, and a lusty cabaret song.
So far, it is a typical workday. I sit in my office at Chestnut and Seventh on the 15th floor, looking out at the barges on the Delaware River, hoping to finish a few tasks before lunch.
But it's more painful, time consuming than common treatment, dermatologist notes
Preliminary research suggests the wrinkle treatment might silence critical nerves that support tumors
Like many new relationships, this one developed over a cup of coffee. Except this one might lead to a new drug to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
An Akron physician is leading a national clinical trial with the goal of improving survival rates for cervical cancer patients worldwide.
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia linked to risk in study, but not asthma, tuberculosis
For most cancer patients and their doctors, the most important things to know about a tumor are where it arose in the body and how much it has grown.
Disease is the second-leading cause of cancer death in United States
After age 75, recurrences of colon cancer are rare and the risks of repeated colonoscopies may outweigh the benefits, according to new research.
Instead, low estrogen might be the beneficial factor, researcher suggests
DNA analysis of stool boosts accuracy rate of Cologuard to more than 90 percent, researchers say
Testosterone might be the link between the two, but more research needed to prove a connection
Added to chemo, it lowered recurrence rates, improved survival, researchers report
23 new variants associated with increased risk of the disease, study shows
Researchers enrolling 3,000 dogs to learn about risk factors for canine disease
Study found link to breast, colon, liver and other tumors
Study found link to breast, colon, liver and other tumors
They were more likely to develop aggressive disease sooner than white patients, study says
Recommendations are for men whose tumors have grown resistant to hormonal therapies
But these pediatric cancers remain rare and the increases are very small, experts say
But areas that actively spay, neuter and control stray animals have lower rates
FDA expert details what you need to know to help your 'best friend'
Contrary to media reports, researchers found no evidence wearing them boosted chances of disease
Experts in the fight against the deadly skin cancer see Keytruda's OK as big step forward
Nearly 10,000 in U.S. expected to die this year from deadly skin cancer
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