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Elaine Chew plays the piano as a computer creates a visual representation of the tonal structure during a concert at Drexel University.

Videos of robots at work

2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine



Computers are spicing up music

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Studying balance in a virtual environment

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 Lunar eclipse

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Big cats at the Zoo

Carnal Knowledge: Sex, alcohol and fruit flies







































Scientists reprogram skin cells as embryonic stem cells


Researching robotic roaches

Let your computer do the listening

Mario Capecchi shares Nobel for medicine

"Little Ben" robot car finishes the race!

Chimp who learned sign language dies at 42

The Death of Baby Lucas: The law said a father murdered his son. Science was not so sure.

Temple students invent "smart" wing

Vacuum cleaner love

Sputnik's 50th

Ballpark breezes

Fossil fish tails from Red Hill



A whale is born

Hand gestures

Teacher on the Shuttle

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Brown recluse spiders

First gunshot victim in Americas

Genetically engineering trash haulers for the brain

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King Herod's tomb unearthed

Extraterrestrial planet

Franklin Institute Awards

Nancy Wexler

Huntington's disease