Interactive graphic: Explore how patterns of drug deaths have changed

Measuring Overdoses in Surprising Places
By Don Sapatkin, Staff Writer
Published March 7, 2015 Updated Jan. 19, 2017
Overdose fatality rates throughout the Philadelphia region are well above the national average. Pennsylvania’s increased significantly in 2015, and the state was ranked No. 6 in the nation. New Jersey's death rate also increased, bringing it up to the national average.
A curious regional pattern persisted in New Jersey: Mortality rates in all southern counties were above the state average. (All five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties also exceeded the New Jersey average, but only Philadelphia and Delaware Counties were above the far higher average for Pennsylvania.)
Hover over the map to compare counties in 2015. Slide the black dot above the to see the longterm shift.
Shift from City to Suburbs
1999 2006 2015
North and South Jersey split
<10 10-14 14-20 >20
Deaths per 100,000 residents
U.S.: 16.3
Pa.: 26.3
N.J.: 16.3
Overdose Death Rates, 1999-2015
Per 100,000 residents
Number of deaths in 2015: 145
Number of deaths in 2015: 93
Number of deaths in 2015: 195
Number of deaths in 2015: 156
Number of deaths in 2015: 568
Number of deaths in 2015: 92
Number of deaths in 2015: 155
Number of deaths in 2015: 75
**2009 New Jersey data is incomplete and not shown.
SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics