Health & Science

Robert McCracken Peck of the Academy of Natural Sciences and colleagues search for climate change in Central Asia.

DEC. 1, 1997

A religion revived

A three-story gold Buddha stands todayin the capital of Mongolia. It is a year-old symbol of rebirth, decades after communism crushed Bhddhism and thousands of believers

June 25, 1997

Americans help foster a fledgling democracy

The Peace Corps at work in remote Mongolia.

NOV. 13, 1995

Wild horses couldn’t keep them away

The small, stocky Przewalski’s horse was once all but written off. Now, thanks to scientists’ work with captive breeding, three herds of the world’s oldest truly wild horse are thriving on the rugged steppes of Mongolia.

NOV. 14, 1994

The lake as a laboratory

Experts from the Academy of Natural Sciences have gone to the other side of the world to help unlock the secrets of a lake in Mongolia that has gone largely untouched for 40 million years.