Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Christine M. Flowers: NCAA just adds to list of victims
Posted on Fri, Jan 04, 2013
JERRY SANDUSKY will not go gentle into that good prison cell. It seems that every few months brings another story, another sad reminder of the damage he did to our spirit and psyche.
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Letters to the Editor
As a Washington insider, Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint seems to think he knows how to run our businesses here in Philadelphia ("Let the Ex-Im Bank expire," Sept. 9). While he may have experience owning a small business, his marketing firm didn't export - which explains why he seemingly doesn't understand that Ex-Im, rather than a form of corporate welfare, means jobs in Philadelphia.
WE'VE JUST passed Week 2 of the NFL season, and the X's and O's have been overshadowed by the V's and A's - that is, violence and abuse charges. Week 1 of the season gave us the continuing debate over Ray Rice, domestic violence and the NFL. Week 2 gives us the debate over Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, and charges of child abuse involving the use of a tree limb to "whip" his 4-year-old son to discipline him.