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Scottie Reynolds and the Suns
  • If the Suns sign Scottie Reynolds to a contract, would that team be a good fit for him? I think it would be a great chance for him to learn from a point guard like Steve Nash.
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    I didnt think Scottie was on the Suns SL, I tried to watch some Suns games, but he never played and early in the season, he wasnt listed on the suns roster. Although he did have a nice game against D-League Select - 16pts, 1st, 2 boards, and 3 assists
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    Scotty will be a mid level player in Cyprus. Wow was he overrated by the public but not the pros
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    I agree, Phil. Scottie isn't athletic enough to play in the NBA. It's a 1-on-1 league, and Scottie ain't breakin' anyone down 1-on-1.