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Pierce for Heisman
  • No, seriously. Temple actually put him in for consideration. There are billboards on I-95 and I-76. No way in hell he gets it, although as a Temple alum I sure hope he does. But I think the Sixers will win a championship before a Temple Owl wins the Heisman.
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    The exposure that Bernard Pierce is getting not not primarily to get him exposure for the heisman, but rather for Temple to get the Temple Football program in the spotlight. If he can put up better numbers than last year without injury in 2010, I think then that's when you'll see some legitimate talk. There's no doubting though that Pierce isn't one of the top players in all of college football.
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    hey buddy watch it temple could be a lidgitiment great team al golden could make this program like boise state or tcu
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    The kid could get some consideration, if not this year then maybe next year. He can put up big numbers in the MAC. If he has a big game or two against big names schools (Penn State?) he could make a name for himself. I agree though, that he would have to rush for 2,500 yards or something for him to have any hope of actually winning the thing.
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    idk about 2500 but he will need to rush for a lot which he can if he stays healthy