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  • Who do you want to see at quarterback for the Owls this season? Vaughn Charlton (who was working out at tight end in spring practice)? Chester Stewart (who didn't play in the EagleBank Bowl)? Or someone like Mike Gerardi or Chris Coyer? Who will give the Owls the best chance to diversify their offense and take the pressure off Bernard Pierce?
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    It sounds like the position's Chester Stewart's to lose, but I have a feeling Chris Coyer will have every opportunity to win it. He had a great HS career in VA, hopefully it translates to something special to complement BP.
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    My gosh, unless Chester's improved 100 percent, I would think that Chris Coyer and Mike Gerardi have a shot. Unlike Chester, both have accomplished high school pedigrees. Hopefully, the redshirt years have helped them acclimate their considerable talents into Matt Rhule's system.
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    i think stewart was pretty good last year in the regular season but coyer has a nice shot at it.